Get ready to look your best during the Christmas period!

The brightest time of the year is approaching, and light is the keyword! The party season is close at hand and everybody is excited about it. Family dinners, nights with friends...whatever your concept of celebration is, your skin has to get there prepared. You will be so radiant that everyone will be impressed! Want to find out how to do it? We’ll give you some tips for keeping your skin party-ready and looking fabulous for the whole festive season.

5 tricks for radiant skin

1- Hydration is essential, especially in winter when the cold weather tends to dry out your skin and make it dull. Awaken your skin with Red Velvet Oil Serum the mix between an oil and a serum that gives compactness, elasticity and vitality to skin, making it smooth and bright as never before. A few drops before going to sleep will be enough to wake up with radiant skin.


2- Deeply exfoliate your skin, since it's possible that excess oil, makeup and impurities get caught in your pores. Don’t worry: you can fix this by using an enzymatic exfoliant such as the Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum. Massage a few drops of this natural exfoliant all over your face as the last step of your night skincare routine. The next morning you'll notice less wrinkles and impurities. The natural, gentle enzymes contained in the serum will work on the deeper layers of your skin throughout the night to give you radiant, even skin when you wake up.

3- Fight bags and dark circles that can appear under your eyes with everyday fatigue and stress. Actually, the holiday season can be the happiest time of the year, but it’s also when we experience a lot of stress that reflects to your skin, specially in your eyes area. That’s why we recommend you the Hyper Concentrate Eye Serum which will help you to simultaneously treat dark circles, expression lines and loss of eyelid elasticity, with a lifting and moisturising effect. You can use this serum both at morning and in the evening to say goodbye to fatigue and wrinkles that appear around your eyes.


4- Apply a mask 1 or 2 times a week for an intensive treatment. Does your skin look tired and dull, and you really need extra energy? Illuminate and awaken your skin with the Energy C Facial Mask, an energising and antioxidant mask with a light and refreshing texture, and a high vitamin C content. A fruit cocktail with a lifting effect, perfect for a smooth, radiant, revitalised and radiant skin! Moisturising your entire body is one of the most important skincare steps you can take towards to make sure your skin looks great. In fact, even if the skin is not directly exposed to external agents, it can still dry out and dehydrate if we do not take proper care of it. Once again, hydration is the answer! That's why it's useful to use Golden Radiance Body Oil, a 100% natural body oil that deeply nourishes your skin, making it brighter and more elastic.

If you follow these tips and use these products together, you can carry on partying without worrying about your skin. Don't be unprepared: give yourself energy and a special light during these holidays! Ready for a sparkling celebration?

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