Do you need gift ideas for this Christmas?

Christmas mood is getting fully switched on: home decorations, lights everywhere, special dishes, time to spend with the most important people...and obviously gifts! If you are looking to make these moments even more special, take notes of our amazing gift ideas!

What’s the best gift?

- Are you looking for a gift for someone you don’t know very well? Don't worry, we have the perfect gift: the Healthy Lips Plan. This pack contains 3 balms to keep your lips healthy, hydrated and protected from cold, wind and sun with high-quality natural ingredients. Everyone would love it!

- Are you looking for a gift for someone who takes great care of their hair? The Haircare Detox Plan is the perfect idea, since it contains the Vibrant Refreshing Shampoo and the Detox Anti-Frizz Repairing Conditioner. With the shampoo you’ll free your hair from silicones and sulphates, thanks to natural ingredients such as coconut, menthol and aloe vera. And with the conditioner you can say goodbye to the frizzy effect.


- Are you looking for a gift for someone who spends a lot of time taking care of their skin, from head to toe? We have it, it's the Be Radiant Pack! It contains 3 Freshly best sellers to get your skin moisturised and radiant every day. This exclusive pack contains the Golden Radiance Body Oil, the 100% natural body oil that deeply nourishes and fights stretch marks and cellulite, the Hyper Concentrate Eye Contour Serum, which combines 9 natural clinical technologies to treat bags and expression wrinkles, and the Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum, the exfoliating facial serum for even and renewed skin.


- Are you looking for a gift for someone who’s passionate about skincare? The Vitamin Complex Facial Plan is perfect for showing off healthy and radiant skin. The pack contains the Green Vitamin Concentrate Serum and the Bloom Orchid Face Cream, which combine the best antioxidant technology with innovative natural extracts that increase hydration, improve skin smoothness, block pollution and reduce redness and inflammation caused by stress. Serum and cream come together in one pack for a healthy, easy and super-effective skincare routine. And for facial treatment lovers the best option is the last launch of the year: the Magic Mask Trio. This pack contains 3 facial masks perfect for moisturising, revitalising, soothing and purifying skin, with quality natural and active ingredients. With multimasking, each area of your face will receive exactly what it needs.

Curious to discover our must have? 

1. Golden Radiance Body Oil: 100% natural body oil that has sold out several times. The essential product to deeply moisturise skin, treat stretch marks and scars.

2. Hyper-concentrate Eye Contour Serum: one of our best sellers, which helps to treat wrinkles, dark circles and bags, giving a lifting effect to eye contour.

3. Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum: the enzymatic exfoliating serum that can not miss in your night-time skincare routine to get radiant and even skin in just 4 weeks.

4. Red Velvet Oil Serum: the powerful and innovative 100% natural oil for night-time skincare routine, which combines 15 plant-derived oils and 5 natural active ingredients to moisturise skin, treat wrinkles, scars, blemishes and redness. A real revolution in skincare!

5. Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser: the cleansing gel with a physiological pH that combines incredible plant extracts and a high concentration of saponins, for clean, fresh, even and moisturised skin.


All these gifts are unisex, suitable for all skin types and all ages! Giving natural cosmetics is always the best choice to take care of the health and beauty of people you love. Ah, we almost forgot. We'll take care of the gift packaging! You place your order, choose the option "wrap as a gift" before finalising it, and we’ll take care of everything. Your order will arrive ready to be given! What are you waiting for? Take a look at our website and choose to give natural cosmetics this Christmas!

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Freshly Cosmetics Discount
Freshly Cosmetics Discount

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  • Cristina Calderón Márquez

    03 December 2019

    Black Friday

    Muy contenta con mi pedido en el día del Black friday, me llegó súper rápido y además con el pedazo de descuento. Empezé ayer a usar los productos y me están gustando mucho. Feliz con freshly ! Gracias!

    Freshly el 03 December 2019 ¡Qué alegría, Cristina! Nos encanta saber que has podido aprovechar los descuentos para hacerte con tus Freshlys, ¡esperamos que te encanten y los sigas disfrutando por mucho tiempo más! Muchas gracias a ti, por compartir con nosotros tu experiencia.

  • Malu

    25 November 2019

    Tratamiento para la cara.

    Hola, estoy decidida a probar vuestros productos, pero tengo dudas, que me recomendaría para la cara , la tengo seca y necesito hidratación, si no la tengo hidratada tengo sensación de picor. Tengo 49 años. Gracias espero vuestra respuesta.

    Freshly el 25 November 2019 ¡Hola! Creemos que te irá genial el Vitamin Complex Facial Plan. Este pack contiene el Green Vitamin, que trata líneas de expresión y aporta hidratación, y la Bloom Orchid Face Cream que añade un extra de hidratación. Con una aplicación será suficiente para todo el día. ¡Un saludo!

  • Maria

    13 November 2018

    Embarazo y lactancia

    Hola, me gustaría saber con seguridad si todos los productos de freshly se pueden utilizar durante el embarazo y lactancia, si hay alguno que no, por favor decidme. Muchas gracias

    Freshly el 13 November 2018 ¡Hola! Todos nuestros productos, a excepción de la Crema Corporal Reafirmante, que contiene cafeína, y la Pasta de Dientes Pure Freshness, que contiene aceite esencial de menta, son aptos para embarazadas. Un abrazo