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Sweet Body Pack

Moisturising body cream + Body oil


39,00 €

Discover the natural products for children that are revolutionising the cosmetics world.

We create unique and innovative products based on the most important thing in the world: your baby. We offer you the best experience to take care of your baby's skin in a healthy and safe way, with the best of nature.

Try Freshly KIDS cosmetics for your baby's bath time. A delicate natural bath gel that contains all the cleansing and moisturising power of the best natural ingredients, including aloe vera. It's perfect to combine with a delicate natural shampoo made with coconut and rice ingredients.

Enjoy the gentleness of natural creams and oils to pamper your baby's delicate and sensitive skin.

Protect your baby's skin from the sun with a natural sun cream with SPF 50+, suitable for the needs of the most sensitive skin.

If your baby suffers from nappy rash, we have the best diaper cream to soothe the redness, and provide immediate relief with the best natural ingredients that are also suitable for atopic skin.

Your babies' skincare should include a natural face cream to protect their delicate skin from external agents, moisturise, soothe and repair it.

The best natural cosmetics for babies and children to take care of them from their first day of life, respecting the pH and the planet.