Daily Bath Pack

Shampoo and shower gel for children and babies

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What’s bath time like for you and your little one? A rollercoaster of chaos, calmness, tears and fun… but nonetheless precious and invaluable time spent together? We know how it is, and that’s why we pulled together this pack that includes shampoo and shower gel, formulated for a bath time that is 100% natural and promotes splashing around, bubbles and smiles all around. Plus, we’re sure they’ll love the colourful packaging and you’ll love that it’s sustainable too!


  • 100% natural formulas. 30% ecological ingredients
  • Suitable for sensitive and atopic-prone skin
  • Dermatologically tested and clinically proven
  • Do not cause eye irritation
  • Calm and prevent irritations and redness 
  • Nourish and protect skin and hair  
  • Suitable for daily use right from their very first day
  • Sustainable 100% post-consumer recycled PET plastic packaging
  • Free of parabens, mineral oils, nanoparticles, artificial fragrances and silicones
  • 100 ml - 200 ml

✨Natural scent. Irresistible natural fruity scents

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594 reviews
  1. The Mellow Pear Mild Shampoo thoroughly cleans hair while respecting the skin barrier, thanks to gentle ingredients derived from coconut and rice, it doesn’t cause dryness or irritate your little one’s eyes.  
  2. The Juicy Mango Shower Gel gently cleans skin, without soap. It contains cottonseed oil, oat, apple and aloe vera that together nourish, protect and improve skin’s health.
  3. The 100% natural composition of this pack avoids irritation and stinging eyes, to make bath time a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone.


From their very first bath time as a newborn and throughout their growth over the years, it’s important to gently clean and care for your little one’s skin. That’s why using products with 100% natural formulas such as those included in our Daily Bath Pack will help you to nourish your little one’s skin and keep it clean, hydrated and soft, while strengthening the skin barrier and soothing possible irritations. Enjoy bath time with Freshly!

How does it work?
  1. Shake the products before use as natural ingredients may separate.
  2. The Juicy Mango Shower Gel gently cleans your little one’s face and body without stinging their eyes or causing irritations. Apply two pumps of gel into warm bath water and swirl in using your hand. Soak a soft sponge into the water and use it to gently clean your baby’s body. The gel can also be applied directly to wet skin. Rinse well with warm water.
  3. Apply two pumps of Mellow Pear Mild Shampoo to the palm of your hand. Gently massage it into baby’s wet hair with your fingertips in a circular motion.
  4. Rinse the hair with warm water. It’s a mild shampoo that doesn’t sting their eyes, so you can enjoy bath time with no worries or tears.
How to use

Pack products Daily Bath Pack

* Ingredients from organic farming

** Derived from natural essential oils

Ingredients Mellow Pear Mild Shampoo


Ingredients Juicy Mango Shower Gel


Customer Reviews

Based on 594 reviews

Lo hemos regalado


Un imprescindible para el baño de mi hija desde que nació, nos encanta ;)


Llevo usando el Daily Bath Pack con mi peque desde que nació y es una maravilla. He probado otros productos de ducha que me regalaron de otras marcas, pero sin duda me quedo con los Freshly.


Estoy encantada!! Mi niña tiene la piel sensible y tanto el champu como el gel le van genial...


Me encanta! Lo utilizo des de que nació mi bebé y lo recomiendo 100%.


Dura mucho, poniendo una pequeña cantidad de gel en la esponja natural también de freshly el gel dura mucho porque hace mucha espuma. El champú también y lo que más me gusta de los dos es el aroma, a mí que no me gusta los olores fuertes me parece genial, algunos dirían que no huele a nada y para mí es perfecto.


Los mejores productos para el baño de mi bebé que he encontrado. Buen olor y presentación estupenda en un packaging muy cómodo.


Nunca he utilizado otro pack que no sea este y lo seguiré utilizando siempre. Es ideal y huele de maravilla.

Muito bom!

Tanto o gel de duche como o shampoo têm um cheiro agradável e a sua forma de doseador é muito prática. Já para não falar falar que não têm tóxicos e por isso muito bons para os nossos bebés. Vou comprar novamente!


El olor es muy agradable