Fresh Green Micellar Water

Micellar cleansing purifying water

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Do you want to cleanse your face quickly and easily while respecting your skin? Fresh Green Micellar Water is going to revolutionise your skincare routine! This water-based cleanser wipes away impurities and any traces of makeup from your face, leaving you with clean, soft and refreshed skin. Plus you’re going to love its apple scent!

  • Cleanses and removes makeup
  • Wipes away impurities and any traces of makeup
  • Contains organic plant-based green apple water
  • Reduces inflammation, skin stress and redness
  • Contains plant extracts
  • Stimulates cell regeneration
  • 99% natural formula
  • Free from sulphates, synthetic surfactants, PEGs and parabens

Natural scent. Fall head over heels in love with its fresh, invigorating appley scent!

150 ml | Dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin | Suitable during pregnancy

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995 reviews
  1. Cleanses and removes makeup effectively, respecting the skin barrier thanks to its natural micelles.
  2. Stimulates cell regeneration and purifies the skin, thanks to its high concentration of organic aloe vera and active green apple water.
  3. Reduces inflammation and redness by 30%, thanks to the action of ginkgo biloba, cucumber and agastache mexicana.


If you have never experienced the power of micelles, you will be surprised by their magnetism. Thanks to their structure, they attract make-up, impurities and sebum, removing them gently but effectively. This micellar water’s formula is 99.9% natural with plant-based ingredients, combining a powerful natural cleansing technology and a refreshing anti-inflammatory treatment to achieve fresh, clean skin free from redness.


BALANCE PLANT COMPLEX Regulates sebaceous secretion

This extraordinary complex of 7 plants, including watercress, burdock, sage, lemon, ivy, soapwort and fucus algae, whose synergy regulates sebaceous secretion, purifies, remineralises, balances and soothes the skin while toning and providing a wealth of antioxidants.

ORGANIC ALOE VERA Has a moisturising, astringent and antibacterial action.

Acts as an astringent, moisturiser, regenerator, rejuvenator and antibacterial. It allows the skin to be cleansed from its deepest layers, which favours the opening of the pores and the elimination of toxins that cause skin malfunction.

GREEN APPLE WATER Biostimulatory effect

It has a bio-stimulating effect and increases cell proliferation by 16% compared to mineral water. It contains trace elements and mineral salts related to the skin, with energising properties and anti-ageing effects.

GINKGO BILOBA Has a high concentration of flavonoids and terpenes.

Reduces skin inflammation and combats oxidative stress caused by sunlight. It has antioxidant properties capable of capturing free radicals and also has an anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing action.

AGASTACHE MEXICANA Has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The properties of agastache help to reduce skin redness common in sensitive and stressed skin, reduce skin temperature, restore the skin barrier and even out skin tone while increasing radiance.

CETRIOL Hydrates and repairs

It has a high content of phenolic compounds, vitamins C and B and minerals, so it is excellent for repairing, hydrating and revitalising the skin. Its antioxidant action is due to its ability to reduce free radicals, thus protecting the skin from oxidative processes.

How does it work?
  1. Shake it! Shake the product before use.
  2. Place a cotton pad onto the pump-dispenser, press down a couple of times to soak it with micellar water (you don't need to turn the bottle upside down).
  3. Gently wipe the cotton pad across your face and neck in circular motions.
  4. TIP! If you wear eye makeup or would like a deeper cleanse, apply the micellar water to the cotton pad and hold it in place covering your eyelid for a few seconds. Then wipe over your lips and the rest of your face.

Ingredients Fresh Green Micellar Water

* Ingredients from organic farming

** Derived from natural essential oils


To perform a deep cleanse, we recommend using the Rose Quartz Facial cleanser, which has natural microbeads that remove makeup and mascara from the skin.

The difference lies mainly in the application; while the Fresh Green Micellar Water is applied with the help of a cotton pad on dry skin, without rinsing, the Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser is applied with your hands on a wet face and then rinsed off with water.

For a more complete and deeper facial cleansing routine you can use the Micellar Water first and then the Rose Quartz, this way we ensure that we remove any impurities and take advantage of the active ingredients of both products.

They differ in their functions. The Fresh Green Micellar Water is used to remove make-up and cleanse your skin and the Lime Purifying will help to refresh, moisturise, purify and balance the pH of your skin.

In your routine you can apply both products by first applying the Micellar Water and then the Facial Toner for best results.

Customer Reviews

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Me encanta como queda la piel de limpia


Me gusta muchísimo


Aún no lo he probado.


Muy fresca y agradable!


Mi agua micelar favorita, la repongo una y otra vez. Contenta con que hayan cambiado el packaging, incluso lo apreciaría más en formato spray o quizá incluso estaría bien imitar el packaging de otras marcas del mercado para hacerlo más eficiente. El producto en sí es fantástico: desmaquilla usando poco producto todas las zonas del rostro y huele genial.


Fa molt bona olor i neteja molt bé.


Me encanta su olor y la sensación de frescor. El bote dura bastante


La usiamo sia io che mio marito per le routine di skincare é ottima


El agua micelar en sí es buena. No me gustó que me enviaran el envase antiguo - esta posibilidad está demasiado en "letra pequeña". Lo había comprado justamente porque el formato nuevo me viene bien.

Maria del mar

Me encanta arrastra todo el maquillaje, resto de crema solar y residuos de la jornada. Lo utilizo manana y noche antes del jabón y es increíble su resultado. Me encanta olor y sensación en piel.