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Changing their nappy for the first time, their first bath, their first massage… These are special moments full of happy feelings and cuddles. Complete these moments and those yet to come with 100% natural, respectful and gentle products for their skin. Just what they need! This daily essentials 4-pack: gel, body lotion, nappy cream and massage oil has everything babies need! It’s the perfect gift to welcome a newborn.


  • 100% natural formula, 30% ecological ingredients
  • Cleans, moisturises, soothes and gently repairs the skin
  • Suitable for sensitive and atopic-prone skin
  • Does not contain silicones, parabens, alcohol, dyes, talcum or phthalates.
  • Tested under paediatric control. Clinically proven. 
  • Suitable for daily use right from your little one’s first day.
  • Sustainable packaging and PET plastic - 100% recyclable
  • 100 ml, 200 ml, 200 ml, 75 ml


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  1. The Juicy Mango Shower Gel gently cleanses without the use of soap. It contains Cottonseed oil, oats, apple and aloe vera to nourish, protect and improve the health of your little one’s skin. 
  2. Protect the little one’s most sensitive skin with the Gentle Avcocado Diaper Cream. Formulated with natural zinc oxide, it creates a protective barrier to soothe, protect and provide dermal absortion around the nappy area. 
  3. The Sweet Apple Body Cream moisturises, soothes and calms your little one’s skin with plant-derived almond, cotton and jojoba oils. Thanks to its fast absorption and light formula it can be applied at any time of the day.
  4. Relieve colic, nourish, calm, and help reduce flaky skin with the Dream Dandelion Body Oil, thanks to its incredible, high-quality 9 plant-derived oils, including calendula, sesame and camelina.


The arrival of a new baby always brings joy to a family, and it’s the time to determine how to care for their skin. When they’re born and throughout the first years, your little one’s skin needs gentle and naturally formulated products made with natural ingredients, designed to strengthen their skin barrier against external agents, whilst pampering their skin at the same time. Discover the most suitable gift to help create unforgettable moments and experiences during bath times, nappy changes and gentle bedtime massages. 

How does it work?
  1. Shake the product well before use to evenly mix its natural ingredients.
  2. Drop 2 pumps of gel into the bath tub and mix until it fully dilutes. Use a soft sponge to gently cleanse all over your baby’s body. You can also apply the gel directly to their wet skin. Rinse with water.
  3. Gently pat dry your baby's skin.
  4. Allow the nappy area breathe for a few minutes after their bath. Then, apply a layer of the Gentle Avocado Diaper Cream and allow it to absorb (apply the product as you see fit).
  5. Next, take a small amount of Sweet Apple Body Cream in the palm of your hand and gently spread it over your baby's body until it’s completely absorbed. You can apply the cream again at any time of day.
  6. Dream Dandelion Body Oil and sweet dreamZzzzz! Take a small quantity of oil in your hand, warm the product by spreading it evenly over both hands. Gently spread it all over your little one's body and perform a gentle massage using circular movements.
How to use

Pack products Newborn Pack

* Ingredients from organic farming

** Derived from natural essential oils

Ingredients Juicy Mango Shower Gel


Ingredients Gentle Avocado Diaper Cream


Ingredients Sweet Apple Body Cream


Ingredients Dream Dandelion Body Oil


Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews

Productos fantásticos, he hecho una reserva de w kits. Cuando se prevé que estarán disponibles?


Lo he regalé a un recien nacido y super bien. Me parece un buen regalo y práctico. Los papis están contentos.


perfecto para regalar a nuevas mamis y papis. solo me falta el shampoo en el pack


Una idea genial para regalar!!! Es la segunda vez que lo regalo y a las mamás a las que se lo regale les encantaron todos los productos que le venían genial al bebé


Un imprescindible para tener los básicos de bebé a mejor precio.


Lo compré para un regalo y es siempre un éxito.


El aceite especialmente me encanta ❤️


Me encanta regalarlo a mis amigas cuando tienen bebés. Es un kit estupendo y que no da alergias para los primeros días, y además viene muy mono.


Lo he regalado en varias ocasiones para bebés recien nacidos y los padres han repetido por su propia cuenta porque funciona genial para pieles atópicas


Pack para regalo, desde luego hemos acertado 😊