Vitamin D Skin Booster

Increase your skin’s vitamin D levels

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Have you noticed that with less exposure to sunlight, your skin seems to look duller? This is probably due to a lack of vitamin D. How can you make the most of the few hours of sunlight your skin gets for it to look healthy and radiant again? With a natural booster! Add a few drops of this vitamin D booster to any face and body product to show off smooth, radiant and visibly healthier-looking skin.

  • Increases vitamin D in the epidermis
  • Protects against free radicals thanks to its antioxidant power
  • Reinforces the skin barrier by +153%, protecting skin from external aggression
  • Its antioxidant properties protect skin from free radicals and stop premature ageing
  • Improves microcirculation by 34% upon increasing skin oxygenation
  • Makes your skin radiant, taut and supple
  • Reduces inflammatory processes and improves psoriasis, atopic eczema, rosacea, acne and vitiligo

*The use of this product is a complement and is not a substitute for a healthy diet, controlled sun exposure and taking oral supplements. Do you have vitamin D deficiency, and you’re taking supplements? Not a problem at all! In fact, this booster will help you further increase the concentration of vitamin D in your skin.

Fragrance free, so you can mix it with any of your cosmetic products.

30 ml | Glass bottle | 99% natural | Dermatologically tested | Suitable for sensitive skin and for pregnant women

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  1. Increases the production of vitamin D and its natural reservoirs by 77% without sun exposure and by 119% with sun exposure and SPF 50 sun protection thanks to the natural active D Skin Nectar.
  2. Increases skin elasticity by 17%, deeply moisturises and slows transepidermalwater loss with the help of Chicory Root Active, which increases vitamin D receptor synthesis by 75% and strengthens the epidermal barrier.
  3. Acts as a powerful antioxidant, fights free radicals and helps to prevent and reduce the signs of psoriasis, atopic eczema and rosacea.


Better known as the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, vitamin D is crucial for healthy skeletal, muscular, nervous and immune systems… And the same goes for skin health! With the arrival of autumn and winter, there are less hours of exposure to sunlight. So, what can be done during this time of the year?

On many occasions, diet and moderate sun exposure are not enough to increase hormone (vitamin D) synthesis, and in these cases, it’s a good idea to give skin a boost through topical application. This is what Vitamin D Skin Booster does.

Several studies associate it with skin conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic eczema, rosacea, acne, etc., particularly with more severe conditions, as well as with visible signs, such as the lack of luminosity or extreme skin dehydration. It may be due to different reasons, which commonly include the lack of exposure to sunlight, skin type, malabsorption of some nutrients or taking certain medications. It’s important to help skin improve vitamin D synthesis to achieve optimal levels: at least 30 ng/ml and, preferably, between 40 ng/ml and 60 ng/ml (if in doubt, you can ask your GP for a test).


D SKIN NECTAR Increases the production of vitamin D in the skin

Increases vitamin D and its natural reservoirs (lumisterol) through the epidermal cells. This natural active maximises the use of sunlight and improves water levels in the deepest layers of the skin, which makes it possible to optimise vitamin D and its natural reservoirs, such as lumisterol.

CHICORY ROOT ACTIVE Stimulates endogenous synthesis of vitamin D and its vitamin D receptor (VDR)

It increases vitamin D receptor (VDR) synthesis, facilitating the processes of cornification and desquamation in the skin. What’s more, it strengthens the epidermal barrier without the need for UV exposure and significantly decreases transepidermal water loss.

VITAMIN D3-LIKE Stimulates the production of vitamin D receptors (VDR)

Keratinocytes in the epidermis are able to metabolise vitamin D through the vitamin D receptor (VDR), and secondary metabolites are produced to regulate epidermal proliferation in the basal layer (stratum basale).

How does it work?
  1. Place the usual amount of product that you’ll mix with the booster in your hand. If it’s a face product, add 1 drop of vitamin D booster, and if it’s a body product, add a full pipette. This will enhance the benefits of both products with just a single application.
  2. Mix them together in your hand using your fingers and spread the mixture onto your face or body. Remember that if you apply it all over your body, you’ll get better results given the greater surface area.
  3. TIP! We recommend having both containers open to make the process easier.

Ingredients Vitamin D Skin Booster

* Ingredients from organic farming

** Derived from natural essential oils

With any product, both facial and body, except for those that need rinsing, since removing the product with water would not have any effect on the skin.

It is a concentrated serum that has been formulated to mix and apply it along with your usual routine products. Therefore, although there is no issue in applying it directly to the skin, as its texture is very pleasant, we always recommend using it together with another product, which will also act as a vehicle for its absorption and the synthesis of Vitamin D.

It will turn any of your products into a vitamin D booster, so we recommend using it alongside the first products in your routine to achieve greater penetration into the skin.

Therefore, since you can use it with any product in your routine, both facial and body (except those that are rinsed), you can decide with which product it is easier or more pleasant for you to mix this concentrated serum. Remember to apply your usual amount of product on your hand and add 1 drop of vitamin D for facials and 1 full pipette for body products. Mix both products with your fingers and spread it on your skin to address vitamin D deficiency in the most natural and healthy way.

We recommend including the Vitamin D Skin Booster with your usual products morning and night. Apply your usual amount of product onto your hand and add 1 drop of Vitamin D for facial products and 1 full pipette for body products. Mix both products with your fingers and spread it on your skin to address vitamin D deficiency in the most natural and healthy way.

We do not recommend adding the Vitamin D Skin Booster directly into the containers of facial and body products, as the formula is sensitive to oxidation from light. That's why the Booster container is coated. If we mix it with products that are more exposed to light, it could lose some of its benefits. Additionally, we won't be able to fully homogenize the product with the Booster, and during the initial weeks of use, we might have a higher concentration of the base product, while in the later weeks, there might be a higher concentration of Vitamin D or vice versa.

On one hand, the Vitamin C Concentrate Serum is a facial serum with nourishing and antioxidant properties, as well as helping to reduce sunspots and restore skin radiance. On the other hand, the Vitamin D Skin Booster is a booster, meaning a product that we can mix with any facial or body product. It will help increase endogenous Vitamin D synthesis and combat its deficiency. Therefore, you can combine them by adding 1 drop of the booster to the usual amount of serum you apply.

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¡Es genial!

Me encanta


Me ha gustado, me ha ayudado con los brotes de la dermatitis atópica.


Todavia no lo he usado


Prodotto che sin ora non mi ha entusiasmato per la resa


Todavía no lo he probado. Pero tengo ganas de usarlo por los buenos comentarios que tiene.


Mezclando dos gotas con la crema de día o noche hace que éstas cundan mucho más y se extiendan sobre la piel de manera más uniforme. Llevo meses utilizándola y mi piel parece más tersa y luminosa. Y lo tolero muy bien!


Lo ripresa prodotto molti valido


La vitamin,hace poco que la uso ,me la pongo en la crema de noche y muy bien .
Yo estoy en canta con vuestros productos ,nos conocí a través de mi hija ya haver seus años ,gracias ,gracias .


Desde que lo uso, me noto la piel con más luz

Judith Maria

Descubrimiento nuevo! Junto con el aceite del cuerpo y hidratante de la cara es una maravilla