F Solidpod Shampoo & Shower Gel: All your doubts, solved!

Are the bars natural?

Why should I use the F SolidPod?

What is the applicator made of?

How long does the bar last?

How to use the F SolidPod shampoo and shower gel bar

Can the applier-case cause mould?

Are the bars suitable for all hair types?

What about the scent?

The new solid beauty bar generation has come to stay. The F SolidPod shampoo and shower-gel bars are created with one clear objective: to elevate shower time! Sustainable washing, sustainable application. Our objective: reducing plastic usage while creating the most enjoyable showering experience.

The FSolidPod bars are natural?

Yep! Freshly's solid cosmetics range contains high-quality ingredients for both your skin and hair. Shower time now is crystal clear as the products are vegan and do not contain sulphates silicones or parabens. 

Also, 99% of the ingredients are natural and use a natural alternative to sulphates:  natural surfactants like the Coco-Glucoside or the Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, that cleanse, hydrate, restore and protect your skin and hair. You’ll smell like summer the whole year! 

Ingredients solid shampoo

Why use the F SolidPod applicator?

That’s the million-dollar question. The F SolidPod is an innovative smart applier case that makes your soap bar last much longer than conventional bars. The soap bar sticks to the F SolidPod base, so it never slides or gets soggy. Get to use 100% of the bar, until the tiny last bit. 

With the applier case, the bar won’t stick around your shower stands or soap dishes. Once you have entered the bar, don’t remove it from the F SolidPod, just put the lid back on once your showering session is complete. When your bar has worn off, get another refill, but keep the F SolidPod! 

You’ll be able to reuse the F SolidPod as many times as you wish, as it lasts 10 long years. Think about the number of plastic bottles that you will stop using when you switch to the F SolidPod! ¡REfill, REduce & REuse!

What is the applicator made of?

The applier-case is made from 17% wood fibre, 17% blended post-industrial and post-consumer PP and the rest is virgin PP. At Freshly we have made every effort to reduce its impact on the environment. Thanks to the 100% usage of the bar, we have reduced the carbon footprint in comparison with conventional solid bars because we are reducing the usage of raw materials and the transport of those.

Also, the applier-case only weighs 45 gm, less than a single standard 400 ml single-use plastic bottle! Considering the amount of single-use plastic bottles and dispensers we currently use, F SolidPod allows us to significantly reduce plastic consumption per person over its 10-year lifespan. In addition, our R&D team is already working on a Loop Manufacturing process so that at the end of the Freshly SolidPod's lifetime, you can return them directly to the Freshly store and we can turn them back into new SoliPods!

How long do shampoo and body gel last?

With the F SolidPod the bar lasts 2 times longer than conventional soaps because only one part of the bar is in contact with the water. The F Solidpod and the bars are the perfect match!

duracion solidpods

The F SolidPod Shampoo lasts approximately 60 washes. It also depends on how many times you wash your hair as well as its length or volume. To make your bar last longer, lather up your hair real good and massage!

How do I use F SolidPod Shampoo and Shower Gel?

How to put F SolidPod Shampoo together

Open the lid of the F SolidPod applier-case. Enter the bar inside the space of the applier-case. Give the bar a splash so it sticks to the applier-case. Ready to wash! Close the bar with the lid once you are done, and take it everywhere!  

How to use the F SolidPod Shampoo? 

With your hair damp, stroke the shampoo bar over your hair with the F SolidPod. Add some water if needed and gently massage your scalp. Rinse out with warm water and give it a splash of cold water for extra shine! Push the base to get more of the product out. Remember this is a bar of soap, so after some use, the bar will wear down. When you notice so, it’s time to push the base and get more product.  

How to use the F SolidPod Shower Gel? 

With damp skin, rub the gel bar directly all over your body. Gently massage all over the body. Rinse with cold water on days when you are not using your body scrub. This will close the pores and make your skin feel softer and smoother. Push the base to get more of the product out. Remember this is a bar of soap, so after some use, the bar will wear down. When you notice so, it’s time to push the base and get more product.  

How to replace the SolidPod Refill bar? 

Push the bottom part of the applier-case to the top until it’s out of the F SolidPod, and put it back to its original state. Enter the bar on the F SolidPod space. Give it a splash of water so the bar sticks to the applier-case

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If the bar is in contact with the water, can it cause mould?

After testing various Freshly SolidPod bars, we can confirm that it never gets mouldy. This is because the water never stays in the product: firstly, because the base filters the water, and secondly because air circulates through the lid to prevent this from happening. It doesn't hurt that, once you are done with your sower you can leave the bar with the lid of the applicator open so that it dries completely. Freshly SolidPod is hygienic and can be carried easily.

Are they suitable for all skin and hair types?

The answer is yes! Both Tropical Fruit Solid Shampoo and Juicy Fruit Solid Shower Gel are suitable for all hair and skin types.

The Tropical Fruit Solid Shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp, strengthening it from the roots and promoting healthy growth. It is designed to improve the combability of the hair for a silky, frizz-free result. It is also suitable for the curly method.

What do the gel and shampoo bars smell like?

They basically smell like summer. Sweet fruity scent with notes of exotic, red, fruits and vanilla and green notes.

Ingredientes champú sólido

Let’s change the game with these vegan bars that respect your hair, skin and the planet! 

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    This has to be my next fav!

    Freshly 5 Octubre 2021 Hi Paula! We hope you love it! The SolidPod are formulated with natural ingredients, without sulfates or silicones. Also, the smell is incredible! Please, let us know after using them! Kind regards

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