Piel atópica en bebés y niños ¿Qué es y cómo actuar?

Atopic Skin in children: How to prevent it and take care of it

Mar 31, 2022Freshly Cosmetics
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How to recognise atopic skin?

Atopic dermatitis is characterised by extremely dry and rough skin, and can sometimes present small scales. It is a skin concern, as red and dry plaques appear regularly or for periods, especially on face, folds and limbs.

Although it is not contagious, atopic skin is a chronic and often hereditary skin which evolves through eczema outbreaks. During these phases, the skin itches a lot having a significant impact on the babys day to day life, as it sometimes causes insomnia problems.

In contrast to seborrheic dermatitis, which does not itch, atopic dermatitis appears in the middle of the face and fills the scalp with scabs and oil.

What are the causes?

The main cause of atopic dermatitis is the genetic predisposition, but there are different allergic, alimentary and environmental factors. Even some tissues or products can act as a trigger or can worsen the problem, if the baby already has atopic skin.

The influencing factors are quite different. Allergies, skin irritants, winter, sudden temperature changes or bacteria can cause secondary skin infections.

However, it is also very common that other agents related to lifestyle can cause atopic skin. Stress, lack of sleep, environmental pollution or the use of conventional cosmetics that may include irritants can provoke the appearance of atopic skin in children.

Who does it affect?

Atopic skin is very common in children and babies, usually between 3 months and 5 years old, although most cases tend to disappear during the first two years of life.

How to prevent and take care of it?

As we already mentioned, atopic dermatitis is mainly due to a genetic factor, so it cannot be prevented. What we can do is fighting against the factors that worsen the problem and to be fully aware of what we have to do to control it.

Here we give you 4 tips to take care of your children's atopic skin and how to easily include them in your daily routine:

  • Be careful with their clothes!

Its important not to use synthetic fabrics or wools, as they tend to cause allergic reactions on skin. On the other hand, cotton clothes are perfect because they allow them to perspire better, preventing your children from getting too warm, especially at night. You should also be very careful to dry them well with cotton towels and without rubbing after showering.

  • Bath time? Better with natural products

The bathing routine is essential to keep their skins healthy and clean every day. When you choose the shower gel and shampoo, make sure they are suitable for delicate and atopic skin, without soap or artificial scents, and with 100% natural ingredients, like Freshly KIDS products. In doing so, you will prevent their skin from drying out, protecting them from possible allergies.

  • Extra hydration

The skin of a child with atopic dermatitis dehydrates very quickly: not being able to retain the needed water, irritations worsen. Therefore, their skin needs more hydration, especially after bathing, when it is more delicate. You should apply a daily body lotion suitable for atopic skin, which helps to soothe skin and to avoid irritations and eczema. We recommend you the Sweet Apple Body Cream by Freshly KIDS, which contains 100% of natural ingredients.

  • Calm and relaxed

One of the main causes of atopic dermatitis is stress. That's why its important that you don't transmit your excess worry to your children. Its also recommended to make them aware of what is happening to them, for example, they have to understand that they should not scratch. Freshly KIDS products have calming properties that can help to relieve irritations.

If you have children with atopic skin at home, we recommend that you take a look at our online shop. You will find products for children and babies, suitable for atopic skin, healthy, vegan and with 100% natural ingredients.

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  • Mi hija va hacer 7 años y la piel la tiene fatal ,sobre todo cuando tiene los brotes no hay cosa que le venga bien,todo le escuece y le pica muchísimo
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