A free loyalty programme that rewards you for being loyal to Freshly. You can earn gifts, discounts and exclusive experiences.
€5 discount when you sign up for the Freshly Club this month! Sign up
Earn and collect…
You’ll get discounts on your Freshly purchases. 50 FRESHLY COINS = £5
You’ll move up a level and get access to exclusive rewards
1. Sign up for FREE
Create a Freshly account and activate Freshly Club in your account section, and you’re in!
2. Earn points
Collect Freshly Coins and Freshly Drops with every purchase you make, by caring for the planet and for other sustainable actions.
3. Enjoy rewards
Redeem your Freshly Coins for discount vouchers, 50 FRESHLY COINS = €/£5 DISCOUNT and redeemable during promotions. Collect Freshly Drops to help you level up and unlock new and exclusive rewards.

Going up a level has its rewards
Find out all the rewards can unlock:
Level 1: Seed
0-74 Freshly Drops
Level 2: Root
75-199 Freshly Drops
Level 3: Leaf
200-499 Freshly Drops
Level 4: Petal
500-999 Freshly Drops
Level 5: Fruit
+1000 Freshly Drops
Freshly Coins you’ll earn when you level up
+10 Freshly Coins
+15 Freshly Coins
+20 Freshly Coins
+25 Freshly Coins
+30 Freshly Coins
Free samples
Freshly product
Besteseller in mini size
worth approx. €20
worth approx. €30
worth + €30
Cosmetic consultation with a skin coach
Exclusive discount during promotions
+5% extra
+10% extra
Birthday gift
Makeup session
All-inclusive holiday prize draw
How can I earn Freshly Coins and Freshly Drops?
With every purchase
Valid on all products, for every €1 on your purchase
By being sustainable
Buy online and pick up your order at a Freshly Store
Reusing your Freshly containers
You can reuse your empties using our Refill system at Freshly Stores
Signing up to our Newsletter
Taking care of your skin gets even easier with our newsletter
Tell us when your birthday is
We want to celebrate with you!
Share your experience
Your opinion is so important to us! We want to hear feedback from you
Rewards and exclusive experiences for you


Where can I see how many Freshly Coins and Freshly Drops I have?

This will always be available to view in your account. Go to your customer profile and see how many Freshly Coins and Freshly Drops you’ve collected.

What is the difference between Freshly Coins and Freshly Drops?

Freshly Coins can be redeemed when you place an order to obtain discounts on your shop. Freshly Drops help you level up, your drops will help you grow as a member up to the next level and you will unlock new gifts and experiences. 

How many Freshly Coins do I need to obtain a discount voucher?

You’ll receive a coupon for €/£5 discount for every 50 Freshly Coins accumulated. Find out how to get them.

How do I go up a level?

You need to collect Freshly Drops to go up a level. You will earn Freshly Drops with every purchase you make, by being sustainable, and so much more! Find out how to get them.

How do I stay on the same level to keep enjoying the rewards?

Each year, starting from when you first join the Freshly Club, your Freshly Drops will be refreshed. Make sure you have enough Freshly Drops to stay within the threshold of your level!  If after a year, you’re below the threshold, you’ll go down a level; but if you’re above it you’ll level up.

For example: If this year you are on a level that requires you to earn 200 Freshly Drops and over the course of the year you have only collected 190, you will go down a level. If you’ve earnt 201, you will stay at this level.

Do my vouchers expire?

The discount vouchers you earn expire 6 months after they are generated.