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Zone Rate Transit time Free shipping
Austria 6.9€ 3/4 days > 59€
Belgium 6.9€ 3/4 days > 59€
Denmark 11.9€ 3/4 days > 120€
Finland 11.9€ 5/6 days > 120€
France 5.9€ 2/3 days > 49€
Germany 5.9€ 3/4 days > 49€
Ireland 11.9€ 4/5 days > 120€
Italy 5.9€ 3/4 days > 49€
Monaco 11.9€ 2/3 days > 120€
Netherlands 6.9€ 3/4 days > 59€
Portugal 3.9€ 24/48 h > 35€
Spain (mainland) 2.9€ 24/48 h > 20€
Spain (Balearics) 4.9€ 24/48 h > 49€
Sweden 11.9€ 4/6 days > 120€
United Kingdon 6.9€ 4/5 days > 59€

Delivery time

We understand that as a customer you expect to receive your order as soon as possible, this is why we work hard to deliver your order as soon as possible in the best possible way.

Orders placed before 12 pm (Spanish time, CEST) are prepared and shipped the same day, while orders placed after 12 pm (Spanish time, CEST) are prepared and shipped the next business day, so your delivery time increases in 24 hours.

After making the payment you will receive an order confirmation via email. Within the following 24 working hours, you will be emailed a second confirmation from us with the shipment and tracking information.

We will do everything possible to deliver the order in the established times, even though in the promotion period the lead time may be higher than usual.

For international deliveries the delivery will be within 2 and maximum 6 business days according to the country with the exception of Portugal (24/48h). Please, take a look at the country list to know your shipping conditions.

If you don’t find your country, please contact us: [email protected] and we will inform you if there is any way to send it to your country.

Place of delivery

The delivery will be performed at the address that was specified in the ordering form. If during the delivery time no body is present to sign the delivery proof, a notification note will be left. The shipping company would try the delivery again and if the same situation occurs would get in contact with the costumer to set the most convenient time.

To avoid delays during the delivery, we recommend you to provide your address as accurately as possible, check carefully each one of the fields in the ordering form and provide a contact number.

About Pick-up Point Delivery (available for Spain)

This type of delivery allows you to choose a collection point where you can go to get your order. When the order arrives at the collection point, you will receive a confirmation sms informing you that you can proceed to collect it. The cost of this type of shipment is the same as home delivery shipping.

Non-working days

Non-working days in our warehouse during 2018. We notify that during the below stated days no orders will be prepared nor shipped, thus the correspondent delivery time will be increased in 24 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

January: 1 and 6
March: 30
April: 2
May: 1
August: 15
September: 11
October: 12
November: 1
December: 6, 8, 25 and 26