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Challenge: plant trees to cool off the planet

We all have a challenge! Ours is to reach 2030, having restored 350 million hectares of deforested and degraded soil, according to the 2014 New York Forest Declaration. In collaboration with We Forest, we are committed to restore the environment and fighting climate change by planting trees. We can do it thanks to you

Freshly Cosmetics believes that every product or service consumed must contribute, in some way, to help the planet. We aim for you to join us in this unstoppable movement to restore landscapes and ecosystems.

For every order higher than 50€ (Tax excl.), you will contribute to the planting of 1 tree.

Freshly Cosmetics has planted more than 50,000 trees since 2016

We started the reforestation project in 2016 and managed to plant 2,600 trees. In 2017, we planted 7,500 trees. In 2018, we planted 12,000 trees. The challenge for 2019 is to plant 54,000 trees. In total, We Forest has planted more than 20 million trees since 2009.

Fighting against climate change

Current (and future) levels of high carbon emissions are affecting the atmosphere and triggering temperatures directly associated with global warming. This forces us to address challenges such as the increase in CO2 levels, water scarcity or deforestation. Why plant trees? Trees are able to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and revert global warming.

Restoring ecological integrity and improving human well-being

Planting trees helps the environment and benefits local communities:

  • · Makes the land more productive, profitable and healthier.
  • · Helps keep the soil fertile, avoiding erosion and benefits the agricultural sector..
  • · Enhances biodiversity by creating a habitat for fauna and flora.
  • · Improves water quality due to the trees’ soil filtration system and improves air quality as a result of the oxygen produced by trees during photosynthesis.
  • · Planting trees creates jobs. That’s why this organization works with local communities and reinforces the role of women by giving them more responsibilities and turning them into entrepreneurs.
  • · Promotes economies and commercial opportunities linked to the protection and care of natural resources.

Where do these reforestation projects take place?

The planting takes place in tropical climates, where forests and trees are more efficient at cooling temperatures. Tanzania, India, Brazil and Zambia are some of the areas where the reforestation project is carried out; in Zambia alone, 1900 hectares have been restored.



We believe that every product or service consumed must contribute, in some way, to restore the environment.

That's why we work together with We Forest (www.weforest.com) to plant trees in deforested areas around the world. And we can do it thanks to you.

Every 50€ (Tax excl.) contributes to the planting of 1 tree.

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