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A large number of organizations all around the world are joining an unstoppable movement to restore the natural landscapes of our planet and to fight against the climate change.

These organizations are working together to build a community to address challenges such as the rising concentration of CO2 in the air, water scarcity or deforestation.

Freshly Cosmetics vision is that every product or service consumed should contribute to restore the environment. Our aim is that you join us in this unprecedented movement to recover our landscapes and ecosystems.

Teaming up with the best

To make this possible, Freshly Cosmetics cooperates with the international foundation We Forest and the Enterprise and Society Foundation, a partner in Spain of the Transnational Giving Europe. These organizations are part of a network of European foundations that facilitate international donations to help the planting of trees in different reforestation projects around the world.

What is We Forest?

We Forest is an international non-profit organization with a clear vision: create and promote a large-scale pioneering movement to reforest the planet in a sustainable manner. We Forest plants trees to restore our planet's natural resources while providing social equity. This is achieved by planting indigenous bio-diverse forests in tropical countries employing local families so they can send their children to school. The project has been a success, it was launched in 2010 and to date more than 12 million trees have already been planted.

Why to plant a tree?

Trees are the best "technology" known to cool down the planet: they absorb excess of CO2 from the atmosphere. This compound has exceeded for the first time in the human history the concentration of 400 ppm (parts per million). Thus, a tree is the perfect symbol to reward responsible consumption and encourage a necessary change of attitude.

Where these projects are done?

All plantation projects are carried out in areas of the world where the phenomenon of deforestation is more evident. Some of the most remarkable initiatives are, Restoring the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil or Breaking the Cycle of Proverty in Ethiopia.


By means of this agreement with We Forest, Freshly Cosmetics will plant a tree in each one of the orders superior to 50€. This 2016, we plan to plant 2.500 trees. We successfully closed the year with a total of 2.620 trees, thus exceeding the initial target. This 2017, we will continue with the initiative to continue helping in the preservation by the environment.



We are aware of the environment that is why we contribute to campaigns that promote the protection of our planet.

We collaborate with We Forest ( to plant trees for the restoration of the natural landscapes. And it is all thanks to you.

For every 50€ it contributes in the planting of 1 tree.

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