Perfect Defining Eyebrow Gel

Clear defining eyebrow gel

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For a sleek flick 

Some days we just want our eyebrows to be groomed, healthy and extra glossy without too many complications! A clear gel that fixes and shapes our eyebrows while saving you some extra time sounds like a great idea. Plus, if it's vegan and highly moisturising, it's definitely the one. 

  • Shapes and fixes your eyebrows
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Long-lasting natural finish
  • Non-sticky  
  • Non-clumpy 
  • 99.8% natural ingredients
  • Easy application with the brush
  • Free from silicones, mineral oils and parabens. 

5ml | Glass bottle | Dermatologically tested | Suitable for sensitive skin | Suitable during pregnancy

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242 reviews
  1. Provides a sleek finish to eyebrows, thanks to the proteins, antioxidants, fibres, and minerals contained in the vegan waxes and vegetable oils.
  2. Deeply moisturises eyebrows, thanks to rice wax and wax from the Japanese wax tree.
  3. Repairs and strengthens eyebrows, thanks to a combination of jojoba, olive, and chia oils.

Sometimes, we all rebel a little and eyebrows are not the exception. The trick is to know how to make them go back to where they belong. Just give them a little brush, and you’re good to go! 


RICE WAX Provides deep hydration

This vegan wax is extracted from rice oil and its powerful characteristics make it an excellent moisturiser, which greatly helps to restore the weakest and most damaged eyelashes and eyebrows, strengthening them from root to tip. It forms a protective film on the hair that prevents dehydration. It also provides softness and smoothness, as it has great anti-ageing and anti-ox properties.

WAX FROM THE FRUIT OF THE JAPANESE WAX TREE Provides protection and softness

The wax obtained from the berries of this tree is an interesting vegan alternative to beeswax, with which it shares the same protective and thickening properties. It also moisturises and softens the skin and hair, providing a pleasant sensation.

CASTOR OIL Stimulates growth

This potent oil is known to stimulate eyebrow and eyelash growth, strengthen, moisturise and add incredible shine to hair. It has an outstanding vitamin E, protein and mineral content and prevents premature hair loss, resulting in thicker, fuller eyebrows

CHIA OIL Provides shine and strength

Extracted from the seeds of one of the most popular superfoods. This potent oil is rich in omega 3, antioxidants, fibre, and minerals. But above all, it is an important source of protein, which provides shine and strength to the hair fibre.

SILVER LIME Provides volume and thickness

Tissues rich in growth substances are extracted from fresh linden buds. This ingredient creates a protective film around the eyebrow, providing moisture and helping to improve the volume and thickness of the eyebrow. It gives a strong and healthy look to the eyebrows.

PURPLE GROMWELL Provides intensive care

This active ingredient is extracted from Gromwell root and is known for its anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-irritant properties. It is perfect for caring for and repairing sensitive skin.

How does it work?
  1. Place the brush in the centre of the eyebrow and comb it outwards with short strokes.
  2. After defining the final part of the eyebrow, start filling in the eyebrow from the beginning, spreading the gel left on the brush all along the brow bone, always in the direction of the natural hair growth.

TIP: Don't forget to rotate the brush inside the container with each application to ensure the product lasts longer in perfect condition.

Ingredients Perfect Defining Eyebrow Gel

* Ingredients from organic farming

** Derived from natural essential oils

Yes! The Perfect Defining Eyebrow Gel is totally suitable for sensitive eyes, it hydrates brows from the root and aids growth. Its formulation is 99.6% natural ingedients and free from parabens, silicones, parafins and synthetic polymers.





The Perfect Defining Eyebrow Gel is a transparent gel that combs and fixes your eyebrow without adding any colour, however the Perfect Volumising Eyebrow Gel is a fixing gel that is created to fill in and deepen the colour of brows, whilst also styling and fixing them.

To acheive defined brows all you need to do is start your inner eyebrow and use the brush to comb outwards following the natural direction of growth.

The Perfect Defining is a transparent gel, so it adapts to all shades and types of brows without filling in or increasing volume. It won't leave any white residue once dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 242 reviews

¡Maravilloso producto! Fija las cejas sin dejarlas apelmazadas ni tiesas. Además es fácil de retirar. Sin duda repetiré cuando se me acabe.


tiene le sopracciglia, non si vede il colore bianco


Soy una gran fan de Freshly en prácticamente todos los productos que he probado, que no son pocos. Pero este gel de cejas me ha decepcionado, si he de ser sincera. Es como aplicar agua, no me fija las cejas. Y he probado a agitarlo bien antes de usarlo, pero no cambia nada. No repetiría, porque no siento que me haga ningún efecto y no es barato. Si cambian la fórmula le daré otra oportunidad!

¡Hola, Xiana! Mil gracias por contarnos tu experiencia con el Perfect Defining. En este caso, hemos preferido contactar contigo por mail para ofrecerte una atención mucho más personalizada. ¡Estamos en contacto ^^!


Queda genial, peina sin apelmazar y queda muy natural


Lo adoro. Fissa le ciglia perfettamente e dura a lungo.


Cuando me echo eso se quedan igual las cejas no cambian nada


Fija bastante bien, acabado natural. No tiene olor. Perfecto para uso diario.
Contenta con el producto


Super recomendo


Super recomendo


Después de utilizarlo durante bastantes meses he repuesto este fijador de cejas, es muy ligero y perfecto para una fijación duradera. Muy recomendable.