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Curl defining cream

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Hey, curly heads! Your curls have a lot to say to the world. Unlock their natural power with a styling cream for curls! Little by little, you will be able to define your hair, shape it and nourish it with 5 active ingredients, in just 1 minute and without rinsing! It's not (just) a cream for curls: it's a breath of fresh air for your daily routine. It's a commitment to the health of your hair. It's your go-to ally for achieving more defined, more flexible and shinier curly hair!

  • Defines and enhances curls and waves
  • Nourishes and adds shine without weighing it down
  • Reduces frizz by 34%
  • Increases flexibility
  • Designed for the curly girl method
  • 99% natural formula
  • Free of silicones, sulfates, parabens, PEGs, alcohol, mineral oils, preservatives and toxic dyes and other petroleum derivatives

✨Natural fragrance. As your curls bounce, they will release a combination of apricot, lychee, peach, sweet orange, lemon, grapefruit, rose and bergamot notes.  

✨There are many ways to wash and treat your hair. Freshly Hair Science isn't (just) a haircare line, it's another way to take care of your (planet, body, skin, environment, life) hair!

200 ml | Glass bottle | Dermatologically tested | Designed for curly and wavy hair | Suitable for pregnant women

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922 reviews
  1. Improves the definition of the curls, maintains them for 24 hours and increases shine after just 1 application thanks to the Flax Active ingredient.
  2. Reduces frizz by 34% and improves hair resistance by 36% after 1 application, thanks to the effects of pequi oil, and the soothing and softening properties of Polysaccharide Sealer. 
  3. Moisturises, protects, improves the elasticity and enhances the natural movement of curly hair, preventing it from weakening, thanks to microalgae oils and linseed.


Dryness, lack of definition and frizz make it difficult for your curls and waves to look bouncy, soft and shiny. What can you do? Include a defining cream after your shampoo or conditioner to provide hydration, manageability and, above all, shine. As a leave-on formula (no rinsing required), it will be in contact with your hair throughout the day, without losing its effect. The most important thing here is that the ingredients don't weigh down your curls, while still coating and strengthening each strand of hair. It's time to revitalise your curls naturally!


MICROALGAE OIL Reduces frizz

It's an injection of youth for the scalp! Obtained from chestnut sap, this microalgae oil repairs, protects and strengthens the hair fibre. In addition, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin thanks to its rich composition, with more than 90% Omega-9. The result? It provides shine, softness and hydration, reduces frizz and conditions the hair.

PEQUI OIL Keeps the curl defined

With this plant oil, unruly or frizzy hair has its days numbered! Get hydrated hair while enhancing and maintaining its natural shape for 24 hours thanks to its ability to provide nutrition, restore the hydrolipidic film, block external pollution and protect against damage caused by UV exposure. Pequi oil comes from the Savannah and is universally known for being unbeatable when it comes to caring for wavy and curly hair .


Enhances curls and manages to keep them defined throughout the day, thanks to its effect that creates a natural film that covers the hair and provides resistance and flexibility. This active complex that mixes polysaccharides extracted from flax and chia manages to control frizz, protect against humidity and provide volume and movement.

FLAX ACTIVE Holds curls and enhances shine

An injection of shine for your hair so that it looks defined and full of life, keeping the curls intact. This active ingredient comes from flax and is the combination of its resistant fibres together with the proteins and the oils of the seed. That's why it has such a great ability to hold curls, thanks to its bioadhesive properties that create a natural protective film.

POLYSACCHARIDE SEALER Seals and repairs the hair fibre

It's like a nourishing capsule for your hair: this active ingredient coats the hair fibre to smooth the cuticle, reducing irregularities on the surface of damaged hair. The result? More softness and... more shine! Its neuro-soothing properties also soothe irritated and itchy dry and sensitive scalps.

How does it work?
  1. Shake the product before using it so that the natural ingredients are well-combined.
  2. With your hair still damp after washing it, apply 2-3 pumps to your hand, depending on the amount your hair needs.
  3. Rub the cream between the palms of your hands and spread it evenly, massaging your curls with your fingers, from the middle to the ends.
  4. To finish, you can let it air dry or use a hair diffuser gently. You choose!
  5. TIP! Complete your routine with the rest of the Curly products for nourished, shiny and soft hair

Ingredients Curly Vibes Defining Cream

* Ingredients from organic farming

** Derived from natural essential oils





We can assure you that all of our Freshly hair products are suitable for the Curly Hair Method. All of the ingredients are of natural origin and they don’t contain sulphates or silicones or other ingredients that aren’t compatible with the curly method.

The Curly Vibes is a cream to define curls, while the Radiant Curls is an oil to nourish and brighten curly hair. To make the most of all of the benefits they have to offer, after washing hair apply 2-3 pumps of the Curly Vibes Defining Cream onto the palm of your hands. Gently massage into damp curls using your fingers. Then, apply 1 or 2 drops of the Radiant Curls Oil Serum, spreading it onto damp hair from middle to ends avoiding the roots, let your hair air dry or gently dry it with a diffuser, whatever you prefer!

Our Freshly Curly products are formulated to help give shape to and nourish your natural curls with all of the ingredients they need, so if your hair doesn’t have any natural curls or waves, these products won’t magically give you curls. 

Shake well and apply to damp hair after washing. Apply 2-3 pumps onto the palm of your hand,  lightly spread across your palms and evenly apply to hair massaging your curls with your fingers, from the midlength to ends, avoiding the roots. Let hair air dry or gently dry with a diffuser. To finish off and to acheive a naturally defined curl, apply our Radiant Curls Oil Serum.

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Loredana Cocco
Crema ricci

Crema per definire i capelli ricci super!

Cynthia Simões
¡El mejor de todos!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

¡El mejor de todos! Tengo el pelo con rizos y mechas. Así que un cabello un poco difícil de mantener equilibrado cuando está seco y al día siguiente. Decidí comprar esta crema para probar, ya que ya había probado muchos otros. Y para mi profunda alegría encontré un querido para siempre !!!! No deja los caracoles rizos y pegajosos. Y el día después, ¡sólo tienes que dar un ligero humedecido en los caracoles y listo! ¡Como nuevos! Si lo recomiendo ??? ¡SEGURO! Si vuelves a comprar???? ¡SIEMPRE!


Buenos días,llevando usando este producto cerca de 2 años y lo que más me gusta es su efecto natural.No apelmaza el pelo pero es recomendable no echarlo en la raíz porque ahí sí apelmazs un poquito.


Buenos días. Mucha gente estamos preguntando que cuándo va a volver la crema a estar en venta , pero al parecer solo contestan a ciertas personas. No lo entiendo.


Deja los rizos definidos pero no apelmazados. Lo que más me gusta es que no parece que te hayas echado nada en el pelo después y el rizo queda natural


¿Pondrían decirnos para que fecha aproximada volverá a estar el producto disponible?


Llevo tiempo utilizando este producto ,tanto el de la fórmula anterior como la actual y me encanta. Me preocupa que tarden mucho en volver a tenerlo , porque cuando se me acabe tendré que utilizar otros productos y no me gustaría. Volverán a tenerlo pronto ,porque están tardando mucho . Gracias


Compre el pack y la verdad que no me convence

¡Hola, Lourdes! Gracias por escribirnos tu opinión sobre la Curly Vibes Defining Cream. Decirte que es necesaria una adaptación cuando empezamos a utilizar nuevos productos, y más cuando son naturales. Te recomendamos seguir bien el modo de empleo de todos los productos, por ejemplo, la Curly Vibes la puedes aplicar siempre que laves el cabello, cuando aun esté húmedo y puedes dejarlo secar al viento o con difusor. Recomendamos que se apliquen de 2 a 3 pulsaciones pero esto dependerá de la largada y cantidad de tu cabello. Así pues, si quieres escribirnos por email, whatsapp, chat o llamarnos por teléfono y contarnos mejor porque no te convencen los productos, estaremos encantados de ayudarte. ¡Un saludo!


Es un buen producto para los rizos. Es cierto que me gustaba muucho más la fórmula anterior... he estado muchos años buscando algún producto así para mis rizos y al descubrirlo justo cambian la fórmula. El actual es bueno: no se apelmaza, define el rizo, huele bien... Lo seguiré comprando, pero el anterior era realmente increíble!!


Me gusta que ayuda a dar forma al pelo sin dejarlo apelmazado. No aporta grasa ni peso. Muy buen producto.