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Natural Cosmetics + 99%

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Ingredients of +99% natural origin that your skin recognises and integrates. They promote the correct functioning of the skin barrier, dermis and epidermis. We provide the active ingredients, your skin does the rest!

A great pleasure, with no fine print

The INCI (ingredient list) shouldn't be a concern for you, so we’ve got it covered. We do our research to develop safe and proven formulas, free from ingredients that do not meet our high standards in natural cosmetics.

An art full of science

Astaxanthin, birch bark, Ubuntu butter... And more than a thousand ingredients selected one by one to create harmony in the formulas! A combination of active ingredients and aromas that your skin and senses will love.

Committed to tomorrow

Peta Vegan certified, glass and cardboard packaging, and refill option with packaging made of 80% vegetable fibre that reduces the CO₂ footprint by 92%. In an industry that every year leaves behind more than 120 billion single-use containers, new improvements are emerging, and they bring us closer to a more sustainable tomorrow for everyone.

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Science for the world we love

We love the world we live in, and for us, there’s only one way to enjoy it properly: with respect.

We know we don’t do everything perfectly, but we strive to learn every day and innovate with new methods that bring us closer to a better tomorrow.

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Hair Radiance Keratin Spray

Protective & Repairing Hair Spray - 100/200ml

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