Quick & easy guide to the wonders of vitamin C.

Vitamin C Concentrate Serum 

Vitamin C is adored by all skincare lovers, in fact together with retinol and SPF, it forms the holy trinity of most used products. We’re convinced that whether you’re just dabbling in skincare or you are deep into your skincare journey we bet you’ve heard the wonders of this powerful antioxidant. But are you actually using any vitamin C products? Is that a no? Keep reading. If it’s a yes, you are on the right track, we approve!.   

Let’s start from the beginning.


FRESHLY FACTS:  Why vitamin C

  • Ingredient:  Antioxidant, Ascorbic acid.
  • Benefits: Protects against free radicals, promotes a radiant complexion, reduces expression lines. 
  • Who should use it:  Not recommended for hypersensitive skin
  • When/ how often should we use it: Recommended every other day. 
  • Don’t use with: Benzoyl peroxide, Retinol, AHAs/BHAs, Niacinamide.

Why should you be using vitamin C? 

  • Promotes collagen production: When applied consistently, vitamin C encourages collagen production resulting in a plump and glowy complexion. The extra boost of collagen helps dull skin that has lost its elasticity and can help slow down skin ageing.
  • Revitalises sun-damaged skin: Compatible with sun exposure, unlike other actives such as AHA or BHA, vitamin C can be used together with your sunscreen. We recommend adding it to your morning routine, layered with an +30/50 SPF.
  • Lightens sun spots: Do you have dark sun/ acne/ age spots? No problem, vitamin C interferes with the production of pigment in the skin, fading dark spots (improvements can be seen in just 3 weeks of consistent use).
  • Fights expression lines and wrinkles: Vitamin C aids in skin renewal, so when applied consistently, the active improves skin elasticity resulting in the reduction of expression lines. 
  • Protects against environmental stressors: Air pollution causes skin damage and favours skin ageing. Vitamin C protects your skin from the free radicals we are exposed to constantly: pollution, UV radiation etc. Stop the premature skin ageing process with this powerful antioxidant. 
  • Evens out tone and minimises redness: Vitamin C has been proven to be the perfect warrior against skin redness. It helps to repair damaged capillaries that cause discolouration. Providing an even tone. 
  • Hydrates thirsty skin: Perfect for skin that needs a boost of moisture. Dull skin or extremely dry complexion will absolutely adore vitamin C. It also helps skin retain water, so it prevents super dry or extremely oily skin. 

Convinced? We recommend you incorporate our Vitamin C Concentrate serum into your daily skincare routine, a hearty warrior against free radicals & dull skin. 

A note:

To preserve your Vitamin C Concentrate serum store it in a dark place where it won’t be exposed to the sun. If you want to improve your vitamin C intake, we’d also recommend acerola, which will help you boost your vitamin C levels. 

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  • Celina Rodríguez Búa

    22 February 2022

    Combinar con Azelaic

    Hola, Llevo ya más de un año utilizando el azelaic mañana y noche y el serum enzimatic de noche. Quiero incluir este por la mañana pero no tengo muy claro el orden, ya que recomiendan la vitamina c siempre en rostro limpio, pero he leido que quizás mejor después del azelaic. Me confirmáis el orden y porqué debería de ponerlo así, por favor? Muchas gracias!

    Freshly 22 February 2022 ¡Hola Celina, muchas gracias por preguntarnos! :D ¡La orden de aplicación con el Azelaic es primero limpiar y secar la piel, aplicar en Azelaic y después de la piel absorber el producto, puedes aplicar el Green Vitamin! :D ¡Esperamos tener ayudado!

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