Dry, damaged and dull hair? Discover the solution!

You hair is hard to comb, with split ends that tend to break easily? This can happen if your hair is damaged or poorly hydrated. The solution? Restructure and strengthen its fibre to restore your hair's natural health and shine.

Damaged hair can be the result of many factors such as too aggressive shampoos, prolonged exposure to sun or too frequent use of straighteners... All these elements cause the degradation of keratin: the hair fibre is in fact formed by keratin cells that protect it from the inside. When keratin degrades, the cuticle opens, modifying the structure of the hair and making it dry, brittle, porous and therefore fragile.


I have dry and fragile hair, what should I do?

If your hair is dry, dull and breaks easily, then it's time to repair its keratin with the right products, making it shine again, stronger than before.

The secret is washing and moisturising your hair with natural products containing plant-derived oils and active ingredients, without sulphates or silicones. In fact, silicones dehydrate hair in the long run, preventing the sebaceous glands from generating the amount of sebum necessary to maintain the balance and hydration of your scalp.


You should use a natural shampoo, and after washing apply a detangling spray suitable for all hair types, such as the Hair Radiance Keratin Spray. This innovative product in spray format combines 6 natural technologies that improve combability, combat frizz, prevent thermal damage and restore shine, softness and hydration.

What make the Hair Radiance Keratin Spray so special?

Unlike conventional products that contain sulphates and silicones, the Hair Radiance Keratin Spray takes care of your hair in a healthy way, thanks to its formulation with over 99.4% natural ingredients. Its composition contains active ingredients of linseed, beetroot and peas that treat dry hair and combat frizz, providing softness and shine in a natural way. And above all, they do so without weighing down or leaving residue on the hair.


And if that still wasn't enough, we also added nori algae and oligopeptides that strengthen the hair, increasing its elasticity. A real revolution!

That’s the secret to pamper your hair with natural alternatives that increase protection and resistance to external factors.

How do I apply the Hair Radiance Keratin Spray?

It's perfect to use on both damp and dry hair. You can apply it at any time of the day because it has a light texture that will make your hair instantly silky. In addition, its formulation with 99.4% natural ingredients and 6 plant technologies makes it a must have.

Taking care of your hair requires patience and constancy that's why we have created a practical format that you can take with you everywhere, and a spray dispenser that you can use at any time of the day. Try the Hair Radiance Keratin Spray to give your hair the softness it needs, in a healthy and natural way.

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