How to care for, protect and detangle my hair in summer in just 1 step

Beach, pool, mountains, sports, getaways... We confess, we love how invigorating it is to make outdoor plans. Do you too? Then stay tuned because this might interest you.

We're not here to give you suggestions for outdoor getaways or activities for this summer (sorry if we made you think about it). What we do want is to help you take care of your hair when engaging in these activities, so that your hair doesn't suffer the consequences at the end of summer.

We know these are the most common headlines after the holidays: "Dry and damaged hair after summer, how can I recover it?" "Repair your hair after summer"... That's why we thought, "What if we anticipate it?" We can easily take care of our hair from the high temperatures and external agents like chlorine, salt... with a natural hair spray that protects and repairs, and you can carry it with you everywhere, plus it helps with detangling. Really? Yes, it's a super practical "two-in-one". Pay attention and discover the hair product you can't do without this summer in your toiletry bag, wherever you go. But first, let's find out who's to "blame" for your hair suffering more in summer.

The 5 external factors that damage and tangle your hair in summer

First, what do we mean by external factors? We could say they are those "elements outside of ourselves" that we can't control and that can affect the hair structure causing the cuticle scales to open, which usually leads to dryness, frizz, tangles, and lack of shine in our hair. Let's go into more detail...

1. Sun (UV radiation): It causes hair color loss, oxidation occurs, and generally leaves it less shiny. Similarly, it also damages keratin, resulting in rougher and more brittle hair.

2. Chlorine: This chemical affects the pH and can damage the external cuticular structure. What does this mean? It means our hair is less protected and its "barrier function" is weakened, making it easier for these external agents to penetrate.

3. Saltwater. Here we have good news. The salt deposited on your hair after swimming in the sea can give it a rough or straw-like appearance, but it's easy to remove. Simply rinsing with "fresh" water after your beach bath is enough.

4. Humidity. In healthy hair, the cuticles are usually sealed, but in summer (precisely because of all these agents) they open up and become more porous, facilitating the penetration of any external agent into the main hair shaft. As a result, moisture easily penetrates your hair, changes its characteristics, and causes it to frizz and become more tangled.

5. Straighteners, hair dryers, curlers... These styling tools we often use typically reach very high temperatures (180-230°C), which damages the surface of our hair, weakens it, and makes it more prone to breakage. That's why hair tends to break more easily in summer, and split ends are common.

Now let's move on to another topic that troubles us: knots or tangles.

Why does my hair get tangled?

There are several factors that cause "annoying" tangles in the hair, but it's true that it's more common in fine and/or dry hair. Apart from that, the fundamental factor that causes these tangles is water, yes, water. Let us explain why.

When water comes into contact with the hair fiber, it triggers a reaction and creates "a sort of glue" that binds the hair strands together, especially the finer and more damaged ones, causing tangles and making it difficult to comb through.

That's why the key lies in using molecules that repel water (like "raincoats") to counteract and neutralize the charges that have formed in the hair, creating a protective film that minimizes static electricity and the formation of tangles. This is typically addressed in the formulation of detangling products.

By the way, let's debunk a myth or rather clarify it. You've probably been told more than once, "brush your hair, always, immediately after bathing at the beach or pool." Actually, we need to specify that right after bathing, the hair is particularly fragile. So, before running a brush through it and causing that annoying "hair rain," it's recommended to apply a leave-in conditioner or detangler to improve the styling without breaking the hair fibers, and if possible, nourishing the hair at the same time.

Which one should I choose, a detangling spray for highly tangled hair or a heat protectant to avoid hair damage? Both!

Yes, you can have both. This is the product that achieves it with a single formula, and it's also natural! Remember its name: Hair Radiance Keratin Spray.

The hair detangling spray that you can't miss in your summer beauty kit and you can take it wherever you go. How does it protect and detangle the hair at the same time? Thanks to its 6 plant-based technologies that strengthen and restructure the hair fiber from the first application.

Specifically, thanks to powerful ingredients such as linen biomatrix, keracyn, and a pea peptide, it protects the hair from external agents (sun, chlorine, salt, etc.) and thermal damage (high temperatures), achieving smooth, strong, and shiny hair, even in summer.

Are you tempted to try it?

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