#freshlyhabits: 4 steps to start taking care of the environment

At Freshly Cosmetics we like to take care of the world we live in. We know that we are able to do everything we can to improve the situation of the oceans, increasingly full of plastic; fight against deforestation of forests, pollution of rivers, dangers that put at risk the fauna and flora of our planet ... In short, we want to live in harmony with nature.

It may seem necessary a great plan of action but nothing is further from reality. With small gestures that we make in our day to day we can be part of the change.

Just try it! We propose ideas and tips that you can apply in your day to day to help improve the environment, do you join us? We carry out many of them in the Freshly office.

STOP PLASTIC! This material is flooding every corner of the planet and we must bear in mind that it takes approximately 500 years to disintegrate. It is not biodegradable, so we can not get rid of it so easily. There are products made from recycled plastic as well as other alternative materials that contribute to reduce the consumption of single-use products such as water bottles or plastic shopping bags, among others. What can you do to reduce plastic consumption?

- Use reusable shopping bags.

- Avoid all the bags and plastics that wrap the products by buying in bulk. You can do it with cloth bags or with recycled cardboard boxes, like the ones from Freshly!

- Change tupperwares and plastic bottles by glass jars.

- Do not use cups or plastic cutlery. In the Freshly office we always use our personalized cups and cutlery. We bring them from home.

- The packaging of Freshly products is made of reusable aluminum that is 100% recyclable. Use natural and healthy cosmetics to help the environment.

- Close the tap when you're not using it. Surely you've already heard it but, do you still do it? Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth, apply shampoo or gel in the shower, or even when you're washing the dishes. Turn off the tap as long as you do not need water to continue your activity. Fight against water scarcity!

- Recycle correctly: recycling helps lengthen the life and usefulness of resources. This benefits both human beings and the environment. Separate collection of waste means less pollution and a significant saving of energy and money. Join up!

Do you know how to recycle correctly? Please check how and when your country collects recycling.

As an advice from Freshly, we recommend you to work on creativity and reuse our packaging for different functions. Craft boxes can be perfect as organisers or to buy in bulk, and our recycled aluminium packaging can be painted and used as decorative elements such as vases.

Tree planting helps fight climate change. Trees produce oxygen and are essential to nature. In Freshly Cosmetics we have the vision that each product or service consumed must contribute to restoring the environment. This is why we collaborate with the project "We Forest" with which for every order over £50, a tree is planted in deforested areas around the world. With your Freshly orders you will be collaborating with the planet in the reforestation of the most needed areas of Zambia and Brazil.

Do you also take care of the environment? Tell us how you do it with the hashtag #freshlyhabits

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  • Victoria

    14 January 2019


    You absolutely right , dear! We try to use plastics things less at home.

    Freshly 14 January 2019 Thank you! Let's make a better world together!