Tips to fight frizzy hair and to control "baby hairs"

Who hasn't had a day (or several...) with difficult-to-manage hair? Hair that easily frizzes, gets electrified, refuses to hold a hairstyle, and to top it all off, those unruly baby hairs... those shorter strands that decide to make an appearance and cause annoyance, sticking out and drawing attention when all you want is for your entire mane to look uniform and every hair to stay in place without complaining. In other words, your hair is uncontrollable, and this situation doesn't improve as the day goes on... (sorry to be so honest, but it's the truth). At the end of the day, we end up with a neglected look... and on more than one occasion, we say, "Ugh... my hair..." Does this sound familiar to you?

If you've experienced this too, we understand, and what's more, we know why it happens and what the key is to control your hair, make it look uniform, healthy, and enviable. You have to control the frizz! What are you talking about? What is frizz? It's simple: frizz occurs when hair rubs against itself, creating static electricity and causing it to lose its natural shape, resulting in frizzy hair. But why does this happen?

Why does frizz occur in hair?

Hair is hygroscopic, it tends to absorb moisture from the environment. This causes the hair fibers to thicken and arrange themselves in irregular patterns (in other words, electrified, messy hair). If the hair is hydrated and healthy, it won't tend to absorb moisture from the environment. However, dry and damaged hair absorbs more moisture and is more prone to frizz. To avoid it, it's important to keep the hair hydrated and the hair fiber sealed and protected from the environment. And you might say, "Great... but how do I achieve that?" Keep reading, and you'll soon find the key. This is important for you.

What happens when hair is dehydrated? It becomes dry, frizzy, and breaks more easily, which promotes frizz. Environmental conditions and changes in weather don't help either: humidity, wind, rain, or low temperatures damage the cuticle, the outer part of the hair, causing the hair to lose its shape, clump together, and the ends to become unruly.

If we add regular sun exposure, the application of hair dyes, and the high temperatures from the hairdryers and flat irons we use every day, we're making our hair dull, dry, damaged, dehydrated, and lacking shine, thus adding more enemies to frizz. Pay special attention to curly hair; they tend to be the first to experience frizz!

Tips to prevent frizz in your hair

1-Sleep with a braid or ponytail

Although it may seem like a "silly" thing, this simple gesture prevents your hair from rubbing and frictioning against your pillow, reducing frizz. Moreover, if you opt for a braid, in the morning you'll wake up with very natural waves that you may have not seen in your hair before. Are you willing to give it a try?

2-Avoid hair products with sulfates and silicones

Take the time to read the labels of products, this will save you disappointments and the need to change shampoos frequently.

Avoid hair products that contain sulfates and silicones, as they dry out the scalp and damage the cuticles, leaving the hair flat and lacking body.

If you wash your hair daily with a sulfate-containing shampoo, you should know that you strip away the natural oils from your hair, which promotes frizz. On the other hand, silicones adhere to the hair and are not easily rinsed out, as they repel water instead of dissolving in it. By creating an impermeable barrier around the hair, they prevent water loss but do not provide the necessary nutrients and hydration for the hair. Therefore, while the immediate result may seem positive, over time it makes the hair dull, dehydrated, and weak.

So what should you do then? Natural hair products will work great for you, try, for example, a natural shampoo without sulfates and silicones, as the use of natural ingredients that provide nutrients to restructure the hair fiber will help you avoid frizz.

3-Intense hydration. Have you considered adding a natural restorative spray to your hair care routine?

Another ideal option for frizzy hair is to hydrate it with a hair spray immediately after washing. The Hair Radiance Keratin Spray facilitates styling, helps detangle the hair, and also protects your mane from heat damage by acting directly on the hair root, deeply nourishing it and combating frizz.

These two tips can help you, but we have more... The product you need if you were about to give up the fight against frizz. Pause for a moment and read this, you might change your mind!

This is the secret to controlling frizz and "baby hairs"

How about trying a styling cream that helps you control the frizz effect and also provides the hydration your hair needs? Okay, but why the Hair Control Styling Cream by Freshly? Very simple! Because its natural ingredients create a film

How about trying a styling cream that helps control frizz and provides the hydration your hair needs? "Okay, but why the Hair Control Styling Cream from Freshly?" Very simple! Because its natural ingredients create a film around your hair fibers (one by one, even controlling those unruly "baby hairs") to hydrate, seal, and protect them from the environment. But that's not all, it's also a moisturizing styling cream, so you get an infusion of nutrients, shine, and vitality that other products don't achieve in the long run.

And how does this styling cream manage to keep frizz and those unruly "baby hairs" at bay?

1-Thanks to the microalgae oil, it stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, which, combined with Linum Biomatrix, seals the fibers and increases resistance to thermal degradation by 44%.

2-On the other hand, Pea Protein provides elasticity and hydration to the hair by retaining water and hair arginine, giving it shine and softness in the short and long term.

3-In addition, it strengthens the hair fiber thanks to Wheat Protein. This active ingredient creates a protective barrier and reduces fiber breakage by more than 80%!

Now you can finally say YES to shine and NO to frizz. Does it have everything you're looking for? Let's summarize: it seals the fibers, improves long-term hair health, is 99% natural, free of silicones and sulfates. Yes, it does! And there's more, its use is super convenient. Apply it to damp hair and do whatever you want with your hair, no waiting time or rinsing required. Include it in your hair routine and start seeing the results. Will you be able to keep frizzy hair and baby hairs under control? Try it and let us know!

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