Tips on how to get perfect eyebrows without going to a salon

Eyebrows are the frame of our beautiful gaze. They pretty much reveal our feelings, emotions... In short, if the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the brows are undoubtedly their frame. What makes brows fun to style is that they're all different both in shape and colour, what makes them sisters, not twins! We love perfectly unperfect brows! 

How to style brows? 

There are multiple things you can do to get voluminous brows, starting with the number one eyebrow rule: Do not plug them yourself (if you’re not an expert, of course). You can take off a hair here and there, but do not shape them with tweezers if are going for a voluminous look. 

But then, if I cannot use tweezers, how do I style them properly? Ding ding ding: Eyebrow products, in particular tinted or clear brow gels. With brows, there’s no right or wrong, you can literally go for a bold voluminous brush using a tinted brow gel to fill in any little spaces or add volume. If you only want them to stay in place go for a clear brow gel. 

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Apply your products right! Huge tip. When it comes to brow gels, the technique is everything (and their formulation, obvs). To get a natural finish,  apply your products in a flicking upward motion following the direction of your hair, so your eyebrows look lifted. 

Start light and build it up! That’s key. Start with a light flicking brush, and work your way up. Dark is good, but we’ve got to do it right, so it looks like your brow. A bold look it's fine, but we’ve got to do it right, so it looks like your brow. 

And last but not least, start applying your product from the centre of the eyebrow, so it looks more realistic and less “clumpy”.  It often happens when tinted brow gels are applied to parts of the brow that have fewer hairs, such as the beginning and tail. 

Here’s a little brow guide to help you choose if you want to go for a sleek finish or you love a voluminous look. 

Clear Eyebrow Gel

A clear gel is perfect if you want an easy and quick fix. If your eyebrows are kind of rebellious, the gel will bring them back to where they belong. Also, if you want to shape your brows without adding colour, just a slight lift, this is definitely your thing. 

The Perfect Defining Eyebrow Gelwill give you the effect you’re looking for. And yes, it's called perfect defining to match all the perfectly selected ingredients inside ;) Here’s the vegan recipe for perfect brows.  

 • Rice Wax, to provide extra hydration, we want glossy brows. 

 • Castor oil, stimulates growth. 

 • Chia oil, provides shine and strength.

 • Silver lime, lifts and thickens lashes.

 • Purple Gromwell, an anti-inflammatory soothing active (perfect to tamp down redness when you get your brows done)

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Tinted Eyebrow Gel

We’ve all felt the struggles of funky eyebrows or bald little spots here and there. The truth is, that brows shouldn't be perfect (how boring!) give them character, fluff them, and feel confident rocking a bold brow look. That's when a tinted brow gel can come in handy, as it helps cover those tiny spots and give them some colour. 

The Perfect Volumising Eyebrow Gel will definitely meet your brow standards. Powered by vegan natural goodness, this gel is ready to provide a flexible hold with a natural pop of colour.

FUN FACT: If your brows are over-tweezed, it will take up to four months to see them fully grown again. That's where our tinted eyebrow gel comes in. Brush the inner part of your eyebrows upwards, the middle outwards, and the end downwards.

In addition to using a brush, you could also use a pencil to cover those spots; however, the results will not look as natural. As far as colour goes, we’ve got two shades, dark and light.

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Should I go for the clear gel or the tinted? 

If you're not sure what gel to choose, get both. You never know when your brow mood can change!

Their natural formulas contain vegan waxes and vegetable oils rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fibre, and minerals. The gels are perfect to stimulate eyebrow growth. 

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