How to save space in your suitcase to travel with your Freshly products?

Holidays come and it’s time to make your luggage. Discover the best tricks to prepare your suitcase, save space and take your Freshly with you!

Find out how to save space in your suitcase!

We know you like to take everything you love with you on holiday. You could never travel without your skincare and hair essentials? We'll give you 5 tips to save space in your suitcase and take everything you wish with you.

1. Put your shoes first. The first step is to put the shoes in the bottom of your suitcase, on their sides in opposite positions, to take up less space.

2. Fold your clothes into rectangles. Apply the Mari Kondo method, folding your t-shirts and trousers into small rectangles and placing them vertically in your rucksack or suitcase.

3. Put your belts at the edges. Place the belts stretched on the edges of your suitcase to save space.

4. Fill the gaps with your underwear. Remember that well folded lingerie takes up very little space and can be used to fill small gaps.

5. Use pouches. Any toilet bag or case can be used to store fragile things. Use your Freshly's Sustainable Mood zipper pouch to pack your favorite beauty products and take them on holiday.


How far are Freshly products travelling? #freshlyonroute 

Beach or mountain, countryside or city? There are no limits...we love to see where your favourite Freshly products go. That's why we like to share with you some of the photos you have sent to show us your holidays with our natural cosmetics.


Fathima has taken her “two holy grail” facial products to Llandudno beach. The Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum and Hyper-Concentrate Eye Contour Serum to do a skincare routine that revitalises her face and gaze even in summer.


Jules chose Norfolk to spend her holidays and could not separate from her Intense Recovery Hair Serum, to give her hair an extra shine and get a shimmery look during her journey.

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