There are many ways to approach the cosmetics industry

There are many ways to approach the cosmetics industry

Why should we continue to use ingredients that don't bring anything valuable to our health, and throw away 120 billion single-use packaging every year, when science can give us alternatives that embrace nature and skin health?

At Freshly, we create products that do not separate, but rather embrace nature and innovation to help people look and, above all, feel better.
We choose products that care for, respect, and contribute to a better tomorrow.
How did it all start?

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There are many ways to approach the cosmetics industry

The history of Freshly Cosmetics

The science we love

Science has the power to change the world.

We have seen it do so time and time again, and we know it always will. That's why, when Miquel and Mireia created Freshly in February 2016, just after graduating in Chemical Engineering, they weren't just looking for a project that would give meaning to their lives. They wanted to use scientific knowledge to introduce a new way of understanding the cosmetics industry (and the world).

Today there are not 2, but more than 300 of us in the Freshly Team, and more than 2 million of us in the Freshly community, all united by the same purpose and the same passion.That's why we enjoy formulating active ingredients in our own laboratory. It's why we innovate natural cosmetics that encourage a more responsible lifestyle. It's also why we celebrate every achievement and every breakthrough in style.

For the world we love

We love the world we live in

And for us, there’s only one way to enjoy it properly: with respect. We know it is not perfect, and we are aware of our responsibility to take care of it and to be a reference in making responsible decisions.

We were born with the purpose and conviction of being sustainable, but there is much more than that. We want to keep improving every day to make a real and positive impact. That's why we need to keep sustainability at the heart of every decision we make, and to be creative in finding new ways of doing things, minimising our footprint and ensuring a cleaner, safer planet for everyone. That is why...

The amazing feeling of being beloved

Because although we love science, we know that science alone is not enough.

It's the people and the passion that give it real meaning! And yes... We say that everything starts with our passion for science, but before that there was something else. Many years before Freshly was even a slightest idea in the minds of two young scientists ready to take on the world, a woman started making natural cosmetics at home and with her own hands. This woman is Mercè, Miquel's mother. She passed on her passion for natural cosmetics to every corner of her family and home.

The amazing feeling of being beloved

And that's the thing about love: the more it is shared, the greater it becomes.

That's why we believe in a tomorrow where people have the knowledge and tools to care for their skin with love, to look and, above all, feel better. That is why…

This is why we say that

99% natural ingredients with proven efficacy