Let’s talk about Milia: Causes and solutions


It’s called Milia, or in other words “ milky spots”. Those are essentially small pimples that randomly appear on our epidermis, the skin surface. These pimples or zits are skin cells that have formed a roof over the pores, creating a shield for the content inside to be able to drain to the surface. The dead skin cells build up and get trapped in the pores. If the build-up doesn’t naturally pop, a small cyst is created. 

There isn’t a specific skin type prone to Milia, in fact, we all can have it. Although babies get it when they are born, the so-called “milk spots”. 

The most common places where we can find our friend Milia are cheeks, nose and the under-eye area, being the most common one. 

But don’t be alarmed Milia is not dangerous! 


  • Usually associated with certain skin conditions, such as rosacea and dandruff.
  • Milia forms when our skincare products don’t absorb properly. That’s why we need to be careful when applying formulas that are too occlusive for our pores. Our tip: don’t apply products that are too oily in the areas mentioned. 
  • Also, long-term sun damage can cause milia, that is why when being exposed to the sun we need to wear sunscreen. Just have it as a mantra. Always. 
  • Another cause of Milia is Birthdays. That’s right, as we age the skin loses its natural ability to renew itself, thus being prone to milia. 

how to treat millia

Acid Azelaic as a Milia acne treatment 

The Azelaic acid is not a moisturiser, is a skin treatment specially formulated for breakout-prone complexions and works wonders with milia and rosacea. This type of acid is great to prevent reoccurring milia. 

Plus, it also helps with acne signs while maintaining breakouts controlled.

causes millia

causes millia

Exfoliators can also be a godsend for preventing new milia. It is both a good treatment to prevent milia and also a good one to eliminate it. The Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum is an enzymatic serum that works over-night, exfoliating your skin while you dive into sweet dreams. What is particularly special about this exfoliating gem is that not only helps with milia but also reduces spots, minimizes blackheads, treats open pores, pimples and provides an overnight skin glow up. 

That’s it for today. FRESHLY SKINDUCATION is always a good idea. 

Talk soon! 

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