For some time now we have been hearing about the importance of a double facial cleansing routine, but what exactly is it? what does it consist of? and what are its benefits? If you wish to know all the information about double facial cleansing, keep on reading.

What is a double facial cleansing?

In order to make our facial skin look healthy, luminous, fresh and soft, a good cleansing is essential; not only to remove makeup but also to eliminate residues, sweat and pollution.

The double cleansing routine comes from Asian beauty rituals. It consists of applying two products instead of one to carry out a proper facial cleansing. To do this, you should first apply a water- or oil-based cleaning product to remove makeup and impurities. Usually these products (makeup remover, balm, or micellar water) do not need rinsing. After this, you should apply a product containing soap, such as a cleansing gel, that needs to be rinsed out with water in order to complete the double cleaning routine.

Double cleansing routine step by step

In the following section we’re going to detail the step-by-step for a double cleansing routine with the Super Cleanser Trio. They will perform a deep cleansing while respecting the facial skin barrier thanks to its natural ingredients. These products will improve your skin’s health avoiding irritations, dryness and tightness.

The Super Cleanser Trio contains the Fresh Green Micellar Water, the Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser and the Detox Purifying Facial Toner. The 3 products you need for a perfect facial cleansing routine in one single pack. Don't think twice: get less!

Step 1:

First apply Fresh Green Micellar Water to your skin. This micellar water contains natural micelles that gently remove impurities and traces of makeup, respecting the skin barrier. Its green apple and aloe vera organic water act as a biostimulant, regenerating cells and detoxifying skin.

Apply the product on a reusable cotton pad, press gently on a specific area and with soft circular motions cleanse your entire face, including the eyes. Avoid unnecessary friction so as not to irritate or redden the skin due to rubbing.

Step 2:

Next, use the Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser for a deep cleansing. Apply two pumps on your hands and rub them a little; then, apply the product on your face previously damp with gentle circular massages. You will stimulate blood circulation and make your skin look luminous.

Then rinse out the product with plenty of water to remove all types of residue and leave the skin completely clean. You will notice that your face is fresh, soft and smooth, with fewer open pores and oil-free. This product also helps to control sebaceous secretion thanks to lotus flower extract.

In addition, you’ll notice your skin nice and healthy as it does not irritate or tightens. This product does not contain soap or synthetic surfactants. Its great cleansing effect is due to the natural saponins that cleanse in depth while respecting the delicate facial skin barrier.

Step 3:

Complete your cleansing routine with Detox Purifying Facial Toner. This toner has ecologic aloe vera extract, burdock, and lime acting as a purifying and toner improving the skin's ability to detoxify. You will be able to balance the pH of the skin, close pores, refresh and purify the skin. Now you are ready to continue with the next step: hydration.

Benefits of the double cleansing routine

The benefits of a double cleansing routine are innumerable, since it performs a deeper cleansing avoiding that any type of residue, makeup, or sweat remains in your skin.

By doing a double cleansing routine you will illuminate, revitalise, and improve the texture of your skin, fighting dull skin. Moreover, with a completely clean face your skin will be able to absorb the products that you apply afterwards more easily. Another important fact is that you prevent the accumulation of oil and the appearance of pimples caused by dirt and makeup residue.

Don't forget it! Use the Super Cleanser Trio to achieve an even more complete double cleansing routine. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

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  • Elena

    21 April 2019

    Doble limpieza diaria en caso de no maquillarse?

    Hola! Antes de nada, decir que soy fan incondicional de Freshly. Desde que uso vuestros productos en mi rutina diaria me noto muchas menos imperfecciones, una piel más lisa y sana. Respecto a la doble limpieza me queda una duda. Y es si para pieles que no se maquillan nunca es también recomendable hacer la doble limpieza a diario, día y noche. Muchas gracias y seguid trabajando así.

    Freshly el 21 April 2019 ¡Hola, Elena! Qué ilusión saber que eres tan fan. ¡Nos encanta! Muchas gracias por confiar en nosotros para el cuidado de tu piel y por escribirnos. Comentarte que la rutina de doble limpieza es igual de importante en pieles que se maquillan como en las que no. Se trata de una limpieza en profundidad que te ayudará a retirar impurezas, regular la secreción sebácea e hidrata tu piel. ¡Te encantará esta #freshlyroutine! Un abrazo