A little bird told us that your Freshlys are home with you!

Here’s a how-to-guide to learn all about routines. Find your Freshlys and start building the skincare routine you’ve always wanted! Oh if you have doubts about how to use the products, you’ll looooove this guide! Also, just focus on the products that you already have, skincare can be confusing sometimes, so don’t panic if you don’t have all the Freshlys. Ready? Let 's get started.





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What’s your skin type? Oily to combination, dry, sensitive?

Oily to combination skin routine

Find your Freshly and follow step by step. You can skip a product if you don’t have it!

Download all you need to know about your routines here!

Acne-prone skincare routine

Pimples, blackheads, pores? We’ve got this. Let’s clear things out. Here’s how:

Well-ageing routine

We can’t reverse the clock, but we can apply effective cosmetics to bring luminosity, radiance and firmness back. Let’s see how:

Download all you need to know about your routines here!

Menopause Routine

Is your skin dry, tight and dull? That's normal; your estrogen levels have decreased, and they are responsible for producing collagen and hyaluronic acid. But, you can compensate for the reduction in estrogen with a routine adapted to your skin's new needs. 

Skin with spots routine

Blemishes can appear due to sun exposure, ageing or acne. If you have blemishes, this is your routine.

Skin with rosacea routine

Rosacea is the appearance of redness and inflammation typically occurring on the face. This redness and flushed marks, which may look like acne, can be due to reactive skin that is sensitive to external factors. If you happen to experience rosacea, this routine is for you.


Any bodycare products on your order? Great choice! Vegan gems for every body!

Firming bodycare routine

Cellulite, stretch marks, tired legs, varicose veins? Let’s tackle it! Follow this 3 step routine to boost elasticity, radiance and improve the appearance of your skin.

Bronzed skin routine

Want to look like you've just come back from Ibiza, all year round? We do too! Here's a bodycare routine that will let you have that bronzed look all year long with or without the sun!

Body routine during and after pregnancy

The best routine to take care of you during such a special time of life! Let's go!


A breath of fresh hair! Let’s give our hair some natural love to keep it shiny and voluminous. A line of haircare products free from sulphates and silicones.

Oily Hair Routine

Dry Hair Routine

Curly Hair Routine


Makeup with skincare benefits? Yes please! Learn all about how to create the most luminous looks with Freshly Makeup.

Basic Routine to prepare your skin

Basic Makeup Routine 


Baby cosmetics for our little tots! Follow these guides to provide a complete routine to calm and hydrate your baby's skin. Ready? Here we go!

Routine for skin with atopic tendencies

Skin with atopic tendencies can be uncomfortable for babies as their skin is delicate and thin.  That's why it's so important to establish a routine that makes them feel at ease.

Night time routine for babies

Night time is the best time to calm your baby and help them to relax before going to bed. Want to know the best night time routine for your baby? Keep reading!

That's it! We hope you’ve learnt all about applying your Freshlys! If you have any other questions, bring them on! We’d be more than happy to help you with anything. Ask anything you wish at [email protected]

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