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At Identy Beauty you will find the healthiest and most sustainable natural makeup, suitable for all skin types!

Innovative formulas with over 99% natural ingredients that do not dry out the skin or clog pores. 

Gravity Lipstick

Gravity Lipstick

4 tonos disponibles


16,00 €

Big Bang Brow

Big Bang Brow

3 tonos disponibles


15,00 €

At Identy Beauty you'll find the most natural makeup

Start using natural makeup, such us mica-based highlighters, vegan eyeshadows, bronzing and setting powders. You'll get naturally radiant skin every day.

Why choosing natural makeup?

We recommend you Identy Beauty since we offer makeup with 99% natural, innovative and vegan ingredients, suitable for all skin types.

With Identy Beauty makeupyou can take care of your skin and the planet. Start your beauty routine with a primer rich in plant-based actives that deeply hydrate your skin and make it glow with an anti-fatigue effect.

After the primer you can apply a foundation, we offer you two types, one with a matte finish and the other with a glowy finish. Make your face shine with the natural mica of our highlighters. You can choose between the stick highlighters in 3 colours, or the liquid highlighter created with Laura Escanes.

At Identy Beauty you will also find vegan lipsticks and eyeshadows that respect the skin and the planet, for perfectly natural makeup.