How to treat stretch marks during pregnancy?

What causes stretch marks? 

First things first, what are stretch marks and why do we have them? Well, skin is usually fairly stretchy but when our body changes in weight, stretch marks tend to appear, as the normal production of collagen ( the protein that makes up the tissue in skin) is disrupted. Due to changes in body volume, the natural elasticity of your skin may be insufficient to adapt to these changes. Collagen and elastin fibres of your dermis break causing the appearance of stretch marks. But hey, that is completely natural! Quick reminder: Stretch marks are sometimes referred to as tiger stripes, so remember that we are courageous females and mothers. 

But if you wish to reduce and prevent the appearance of stretch marks, the first thing you should incorporate into your routine is a stretch mark cream, body butter or better, a body oil. The ladder will help your skin retain moisture allowing it to stretch without scarring as much.

Where do stretch marks appear first during pregnancy?

They usually appear on your tummy, upper thighs and breasts, as the bump starts growing, these can be more prominent. The first sign of stretch marks is itchiness around the area where skin is becoming thinner.  After your baby is born, the marks will gradually fade, and if you have taken good care of your skin during your pregnancy, they will be quite noticeable. 

Also, stretch marks can be reddish or white. Red ones indicate that there is the presence of blood vessels under your skin and if hydrated, marks can fade quite rapidly. If your stretch marks are white that means that the blood vessels have narrowed, making it more difficult to fade. 

That’s why everything starts with good (regular) hydration. There aren’t magic fast treatments to eliminate stretch marks, they require a routine ( yes, you need to stick to it this time;)) to prevent and keep your skin well fed with super-food oils. 

Stretch marks treatment

Now, the little lines start appearing from the second trimester, so if you start moisturising before that, you’re really stepping up your game! Follow this routine to prevent and fade stretch marks: 

  1. Hydrate a lot: We recommend using our Golden radiance body oil. Every day, multiple times a day. Try to use a body oil that has more than one oil in it. Always look for marula oil, chia seed oil that has lots of Omega 3, rosehip oil that fades scars and prevents flaccidity, jojoba oil that provides elasticity and hazelnut oil, which regenerates the skin. Vegetable oils are completely natural and, unlike conventional creams, they can penetrate to the deepest layers of our dermis ensuring maximum hydration.
  2. Massage regularly when applying the oil: Circular massages increase blood circulation, and that’s what will keep our stretch marks red for longer (that’s good remember?), making it easy for them to fade.
  3. Exfoliate: To make sure our oils and creams penetrate deeply into the skin, make sure to exfoliate your stomach, hips, thighs and chest, at least once per week. Deep (but gentle) exfoliation removes dry and dead skin cells that prevent the lovely oils we apply from keeping our skin moist and hydrated. Also, by exfoliating, you promote the growth of new skin cells, and that can help keep our most stubborn areas, stretch marks-free. 
  4. Drink lots of water: Not only during pregnancy but always, it seems obvious but, keeping our skin hydrated from the inside is as important as doing it on the outside. A trick to not get tired of sipping water is to add something fun to it, like lemon or other fruits. Keep things interesting! 

estrías del embarazo

The best body oil for stretch marks

It's called Golden Radiance body oil, and it's pronounced, the best ally to keep stretch marks and scars at a minimum. In addition to being made from natural oils, our body oil is free of any toxic ingredients found in synthetic perfumes. That's something you want to check if you are pregnant. Our recommendation is to use the golden radiance since it contains a powerful cocktail of 12 vegetable oils perfect to reduce and prevent stretch marks. The Golden Radiance is infused with jojoba oil, marula oil, rosehip oil, babassu oil, macadamia, avocado and poppy seed oil among others. Want to know how exactly do these oils act on the skin? Click here. 

The oil increases the elasticity of the skin, allowing it to stretch without scarring while boosting hydration leaving your skin soft and radiant. Check it out! 

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