You are missing out: Why you should be applying hyaluronic acid to your body

When we think about skincare innovation, Hyaluronic acid pops up in our collective skincare imagination without knowing for sure why it is so popular. Often we are put off by its name: “hyaluronic acid”, it may sound scary but powerful at the same time. Questions arise all the time: Is it another trend, or is it really the holy grail of skincare? Well, let us tell you: hyaluronic acid is exactly what you need. 

But what is hyaluronic acid? It is a substance that works as a magnet for moisture, helping our cells hold onto hydration so our skin is plump, healthy and protected from free radicals like pollution.

Let’s talk about the hyaluronic acid benefits for our face:


  • Immediate Boost of hydration. Say bye to dry patches! Use it every day, it won’t strip your skin, it doesn’t act like other acids. Its powerful moisture-binding substance will give you a smooth complexion. 
  • For all skin types: if you are an oily queen you need this, if you happen to be miss dry skin, hyaluronic will be your best ally. And you are probably thinking, how can it be for all types of complexions? We’ve got you covered:

          Hyaluronic acid for dry skin: Boost hydration and binds moisture to cells

          Hyaluronic acid serum for oily skin: Its light texture provides hydration to the skin without producing extra oil.

  • Great for line expressions: When the skin is dry and dull, line expressions come up easily, with hyaluronic acid, our goal is fulfilled: youthful and perky complexion all year round thanks to the wave of moisture that our skin experiences.  


And then it clicked for us: How come we use it only on our face? Why do we deprive our bodies of such a wonderful experience? We created:  HYALURONIC ENERGY BODY SERUM. Eureka! 



  • Use Hyaluronic Energy Body Serum for stretch marks
  • Extremely useful for water retention
  • Improves circulation and reduces swelling
  • Combats dryness and skin flaking 
  • Hyaluronic gel texture: Easy to absorb, great for beauty lovers hectics
  • Get firmer, smoother skin for the whole body


A note: Add it to your night-time routine and let it act during your sleep. Your skin will feel nourished, refreshed and overall healthier. 

That’s a wrap-up, as you can see, hyaluronic acid uses are plenty and it works wonders for the skin of the whole body, so we are not crazy when we say that is the ultimate drink for your bod! 

Eat your greens, drink plenty of water and be smart by using Hyaluronic Energy Body Serum! 

What do you think about it? We'd love to read your opinion!