Calendula and other plant-derived oils good for baby's skin

You may have heard about jojoba, calendula and rosehip oils, but do you know what their benefits are? In this post we will explain you why they are perfect for taking care of the skin of babies. These beneficial ingredients, contained in our Kids cosmetics, nourish and pamper your child's skin, helping them to calm down and relax.


Natural oils are the best choice for babies' delicate skin because they do not clog the pores and allow their skin to breathe. These plant-derived oils are obtained by cold pressing, to ensure that their properties and benefits remain unaltered.

Would you like to know which oils are the most recommended for treating, caring for and soothing babies' skin? We'll tell you right now!

- Calendula oil: this oil is obtained by macerating the calendula flower in plant-derived oil. It is one of the most suitable oils for the sensitive skin of babies and children, thanks to its soft and delicate formulation that soothes and calms irritation, itching and redness. It also stimulates the production of collagen, accelerating the healing of wounds, irritations and eczema. But that's not all, it also has anti-inflammatory, protective, moisturising and nourishing properties. It is one of the most complete plant-derived oils, perfect for calming the baby.

- Jojoba oil: this oil has moisturising and emollient properties. It contains the same ceramides that cover the cells of the epidermis, so it helps the skin to regulate its hydration. Jojoba oil also contains linoleic acid, an effective natural restructuring and regenerating agent. Its vitamin E content protects the skin against free radicals. This plant-derived oil does not remain greasy and absorbs quickly, as its structure is very similar to that of the natural oils generated by our skin.

- Rosehip oil: it is one of the essential plant-derived oils to take care of babies' skin. It is rich in fatty acids such as Omega-3, Omega-6 and linoleic acid, it also contains vitamins A, C and E, and natural antioxidants. It deeply nourishes the skin, protecting it from external factors that can damage it, it also treats signs and scars, accelerating the restoration of the skin barrier.



Did you know that?

using this combination of oils to massage your baby's skin, in addition to hydrating it, you will relieve in a simple and gentle way some of the most common discomforts in children

Massaging your baby can help you:

- Improve their rest: the most common moments to give a massage to your baby are after the bath and before dinner, to enjoy together a very special moment of relax. How to do it? Just warm a small amount of oil in your hands and start gently massaging the entire body of the baby, with slow and circular movements. These massages calm the baby and help him to rest better.

- Relieving colic: many babies suffer from colic in the first months of life, which is why they cry often. To calm them down and soothe their pain, we recommend massaging the baby's tummy with the plant-derived oils we're talking about. How to do it? Just pour the oils between your hands and massage their belly from side to side with circular movements, with a certain pressure. Bending their legs alternately can also help.

- Improve digestion: the changes in your baby's diet can cause them stomachaches, which is why it is very useful to massage them. How to do this? After pouring the plant-derived oils to your hands, massage your baby's stomach from top to bottom, without applying too much pressure. You can also alternate the movement of your hand with your fingertips, making circular movements from right to left to follow the food's path through their stomach. This way you will avoid the formation of gas and constipation.



To get all the benefits of a nice massage for your baby, Freshly Kids has created a 100% natural product that combines quality plant-derived oils, such as calendula, jojoba, rosehip, rice and sesame oils that nourish, pamper and soothe the skin of the little ones from their day one. The Dream Peach Body Oil also contains the natural active ingredients of oats and quinoa, which help to treat sensitive and atopic skin. Its light, fast-absorbing texture has a delicate fruity and floral scent, very relaxing for the baby.

What are you waiting for? Get your Dream Peach Body Oil now to nourish, treat and soothe your baby's delicate skin!

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