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Freshly's philosophy is based on transparency, that's why we love to share everything with you: the news, the secrets of our products, how we roll and the passion we put into everything we do. 


Our history, the solidarity activities we take part in, such as the collaboration with We Forest to plant trees or the creation of the Charity Gel to help schooling in Africa. The About Freshly section is dedicated to all the work that is behind our campaigns and products, to make you participate every day in what we do, in a natural and transparent way!

Follow us step by step to keep up to date with the Freshly world...we can't wait to tell you everything!

Freshly Makeup, the Freshly Cosmetics makeup brand!

We'd like to introduce you Freshly Makeup, the new makeup brand by Freshly Cosmetics. Discover the revolutionary Skincare-Makeup Formulas concept that will allow you to take care of your skin with makeup.

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Here comes Freshly Pets, the brand dedicated to our furry friends!

We love animals so much that we have created the Freshly Pets brand, dedicated to our furry friends. Now the whole family can enjoy the Freshly experience with the best natural cosmetics.

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The Freshly Store is now a reality! Visit us in Barcelona

Great success for the opening of our first store! The Freshly Store, located in Calle Portaferrissa in Barcelona, the fifth busiest street in Europe, has finally opened its doors on 4th October. An innovative concept, created with our original style and passion, that has revolutionised the concept of traditional store. The future of cosmetic is here!

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What do you do with your #empties?

Transform your cosmetics’ bottles into beauty cases, flower vases... Are you in the #empties status? Discover how to restyle, reuse and recycle your Freshly boxes and containers in a useful, creative and sustainable way!

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What do beauty experts think about our top products?

Curious to know what beauty experts think about Freshly products? Keep reading and discover their Freshly Experience. We asked them which are their two favourite Freshly cosmetics, and it wasn’t easy to choose...but finally they did it!

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