What should I know?

Natural cosmetics to care for your baby's skin and have fun while doing so! We'll explore textures, sweet scents (almost as sweet as our little munchkins), and how to treat any rashes or discomforts.


Our baby's skin can be reactive, sensitive, and thin. Cotton, aloe vera, and almond oil are the best ingredients to provide calmness and comfort. Find the proper formulations to soothe irritation, itchiness and reduce discomfort.

Oh! Baby that's some sweet stuff! 

Solar radiation and sun protection for children. All you need to know!

Enjoy time in the sun with the little ones in the healthiest way. The sun protection that fights against harmful solar radiations effectively and naturally. Keep on reading for more information.

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Atopic Skin in children: How to prevent it and take care of it

Atopic skin, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a skin alteration. It is a very common skin condition that begins to appear during the first months of a baby's life and sometimes lasts until adolescence or adulthood.

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My baby has rashes on its body and face. What can I do?

Learn how to see or detect any rashes or irritations that your baby may have, and their causes. Find in this post the solution to calm these skin issues down with a face moisturizer formulated to reduce redness, rashes, milk spots and inflammation down. 

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Calendula and other plant-derived oils good for baby's skin

Do you know which plant-derived oils are the best for the skin and well-being of the baby? We'll tell you! Discover how to make a massage to calm their colic or improve their rest, with the Dream Peach Body Oil by Freshly Kids.

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