Combat free radicals with these 5 natural ingredients

Discover what free radicals are and how you can fight them with these 5 natural ingredients that you can find in natural cosmetics.

What are free radicals? 

Environmental pollution, sun radiation, tobacco, pesticides, oxygen in the atmosphere are the main causes of free radicals, which attack our cells causing cellular ageing. Oxidative stress is caused by the unbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of our biological system to neutralise and repair the damage caused by them. The result? Premature ageing.

How can I fight free radicals? 

We can fight and prevent damage caused by free radicals with antioxidant ingredients that are able to inhibit oxidative stress. We’d like to share with you some of the natural ingredients that contain the highest concentration of antioxidants. They will help you to protect your skin from free radicals, so that it looks healthy, luminous and revitalised.


Lingonberry is a fruit known for its excellent nutritional and antioxidant properties. It is rich in vitamin C and B, has a powerful rejuvenating effect and reduces wrinkles. It is also very nourishing and provides great help for collagen production. Thanks to its content in polyphenols and antioxidants, it's one of the most effective allies to combat oxidative damage caused by sun exposure. This powerful ingredient can be found in the Bloom Orchid Face Cream, the Green Vitamin Concentrate Serum and the Healthy Protection Facial Sunscreen.



The juice contained in the pomegranate seeds is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamin C, B5 and minerals such as potassium. Thanks to all of them, it is able to protect us from free radicals and sun, avoiding skin ageing. It is also great for preventing hair loss and providing shine. This is why it is present in the formulations of the Anti-Frizz Detox Repair Conditioner, the Golden Radiance Body Oil and the Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser.


Broccoli contains a high nutritional content, so it is also considered a super food rich in vitamins C and E. This natural ingredient can also be found in our Bloom Orchid Face Cream and Green Vitamin Concentrate Serum. Both products increase hydration, block pollution and reduce redness and inflammation caused by stress. Together, they act in synergy providing your skin a complete protection against its worst enemies: free radicals, pollution and skin stress. Discover their benefits in the Vitamin Complex Facial Plan.


Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil comes from this fruit and it's composed mostly of water and fibers. The oil is obtained by pressing the fruit, it has great benefits for our body such as vitamin E, tannins, omega 6, a large amount of antioxidants and nutrients that protect our tissues and organs from free radicals. It also fights frizzy and brittle hair, as it improves circulation, thus strengthening blood vessels and reducing hair loss. You will find this ingredient in the Intense Recovery Hair Serum that will allow you to pamper your hair in the most natural way.

With these 5 ingredients that you find in our Freshly products, you'll be able to fight free radicals, and get healthy and radiant skin and hair. And you, would you like to enjoy the natural cosmetics world?

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