Get rid of pimples on your back by following this 4 step routine

Also known as ‘bacne’ (the combination of ‘back’ and ‘acne’), pimples on the back are fairly common but no less annoying. Sometimes, they may also appear on the nape, behind the ears and on the chest or décolleté. If this is your case, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve got some useful tips and tricks to fight them so you can show off soft, smooth and blemish-free skin. Let’s get started!

Why do pimples appear on the back, arms and chest?

Although we usually think of the face whenever acne is mentioned, pimples that sometimes appear on the back can also be acne. And it’s not just on the back, it can also appear on the nape, chest or behind the ears for the same reason.

Generally speaking, it tends to be one (or more) of these factors:

  • Hormonal changes. Androgens (testosterone and growth hormones) are hormones (that surge in young people during puberty) that cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and produce more sebum. Hormonal changes later on in life, particularly in women, can also lead to breakouts.
  • Certain medicines. Examples include medicines containing corticosteroids, testosterone or lithium.
  • Stress. Stress in itself doesn’t cause acne, but if you’re suffering from stress, you can make it worse. Cortisol, the stress hormone, increases blood glucose levels and causes a rise in insulin, thus making acne even worse.
  • Diet.  Have you ever had breakouts after eating chips, sweets, rice, pasta or bread? If that’s the case, then the root of your problems is clear: too many high GI (glycaemic index) carbs. Studies have shown that people with acne-prone skin are more affected by their carb intake, leading to breakouts or worsening their current condition. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who eats high GI carbs or sugars has acne. We’re simply trying to say that for people with acne, the intake of high GI carbs could be one of the main causes of acne for them.

Do you know the metabolic pathway that leads to your body developing acne?

granos en la espalda

As you can see, carbs in the body are converted into glucose, so the bloodstream is filled with glucose. When the body detects a rise in blood glucose, it stimulates the production of insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels, and sends messages to the cells to absorb the blood glucose. Part of this glucose is absorbed by the cells, which is converted into glycogen or stored as fat thanks to a process called neolipogenesis.

The process in itself shouldn’t cause any health problems. But it will when 60–70% of your diet is based on high GI carbs, as the body will continuously produce high amounts of insulin when it’s unable to lower blood sugar levels. This excessive insulin production becomes insulin resistance over time. Insulin production and insulin resistance also lead to the production of other hormones, which is the main cause of acne.

Conclusion: aside from providing your skin with the right tools to get rid of acne, avoid eating an excessive amount of carbs!

So, if you have acne or get acne breakouts, you might want to see a nutrition expert to get some guidelines on how to reduce your intake of high GI carbs. In addition, using a product containing enzymes to accelerate the exfoliation and shedding of skin will help to regulate the cell renewal cycle and balance it. You can also use it together with a bactericidal product that respects the balance of your skin such as azelaic acid, which will reduce the number of acne-causing bacteria.

Say goodbye to your bacne by caring for your skin using all-natural, chemical-free cosmetics that treat your dermis with respect.

How can you get rid of pimples on your back or nape?

At Freshly, we recommend this routine as it can help you reduce bacne or clear up those pimples and get rid of them. Although this is a good starting point, the best thing to do is to see a dermatologist to find out the actual origin of these pimples.

Wash the skin on your body using a natural nourishing detox body wash

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Freshly’s Citrus Nourishing Shower Gel gently cleanses your skin while treating its natural barrier with respect. This gel only contains surfactants that create a soft and creamy lather. What’s more, its composition containing aloe vera and oat – reducing redness and soothing the skin – makes it just the right thing to wash your skin with. If you need some help to wash your entire back, you can use a soft brush so you can make sure you’ve covered every square inch of skin.

Gently exfoliate once a day

exfoliante quimico corporal

Go for an exfoliating body that treat your skin and the environment with respect. At Freshly, we’ve got the Azelaic Active Body Treatment that reduces and prevents the signs of body acne. Use once a day to remove dead cells that clog pores, control the overproduction of sebum and reduce marks and different signs of body acne. 

Moisturise your skin using non-comedogenic products

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Products with comedogenic ingredients are products that clog the skin’s pores, giving rise to blackheads and pimples. These ingredients particularly affect oily skin, leading to the appearance of blemishes. At Freshly, we recommend moisturising your skin with our Body Flame Firming Cream made from non-comedogenic ingredients. This cream deeply moisturises while detoxifying and promoting the removal of toxins in a natural way thanks to its ingredients such as ginger, cucumber and rosemary extract. What’s more, it also contains aloe vera, whose astringent action comes in really handy as it balances oil levels.

Sun exposure can also help to remove pimples on the skin

gel para granos espalda

In summer, you can also make the most of another all-natural remedy for pimples: the sun. The sun’s rays are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and drying. So, as with all things, sun exposure in moderation can be beneficial to pimples on the back, chest or nape. Even so, it’s important to not overdo it as it could prove counterproductive and remember to always put on some broad-spectrum sunscreen like Freshly’s SPF50 Healthy Protection Body Sunscreen.

This is the routine we recommend to fight pimples that may appear on different parts of the body such as the back or nape to get pimple-free, blemish-free skin!

If you’ve got other tips and tricks to keep blemishes and pimples in these areas of the body at bay, please feel free to share them with us. We love reading your comments and learning from your helpful hints as well.

We at Freshly Cosmetics create natural cosmetics (all of our formulas contain over 99% natural, sustainable and vegan ingredients) based on scientific knowledge and studies. We aim to make people aware of the effect cosmetics have on their skin. We are scientists with a strong desire to change things and help people take better care of themselves, consciously.
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