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Moisturising Styling Cream

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Frizzy, unruly and dull hair? This formula is for you! Its natural ingredients create a film around your hair fibres (one by one!) to moisturise, seal and protect them from the environment - it's not (just) a moisturising styling cream! It's a permanent embrace for your hair. An injection of shine and vitality. A breath of fresh air for your everyday life. A healthy way to say YES to shine and NO to frizz. It's an act of love for your hair and the planet too!

  • Instantly reduces frizz
  • Makes styling and styling easier
  • Provides moisture, shine and softness
  • Protects from heat, humidity and other external factors
  • Seals fibres and improves long-term hair health
  • No rinsing!
  • 99% natural formula
  • Free of silicones, sulphates, parabens, PEGs, alcohol, mineral oils, preservatives and toxic colourants and other petroleum derivatives

✨Natural fragrance. Grapefruit, vanilla sweets... Breathe in the fruity aroma of its natural ingredients as you immerse yourself in a bath of sensations. Irresistible scent!

✨There are many ways to wash and treat your hair. Freshly Hair Science is not (just) a hair care line, it's another way to care for your (planet, body, skin, environment, life) hair!

100 ml | Sustainable glass bottle | Dermatologically tested | Suitable for all hair types | Suitable for pregnant women | Suitable for all hair types

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  1. Reduces frizz thanks to microalgae oil, which stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, and Linum Biomatrix, which seals the fibres and increases resistance to thermal degradation by 44%.
  2. Provides elasticity and hydration with the help of Pea Protein, which retains water and arginine in the hair to give it shine and softness in the short and long term.
  3. Strengthens and restructures the hair fibre thanks to Wheat Protein, which creates a protective barrier and reduces hair fibre breakage by over 80%!


When the hair fibre is damaged and open, it tends to absorb moisture from the environment and, like a paper napkin when it gets wet... It swells up! And that's how it gets the look you know all too well: flyaway, unkempt hair... And that also leads to tangles and dullness. So the solution is not to flat iron, cut or hate your hair! It's all about giving it the nutrients it needs to moisturise, seal and protect it from the environment. And that's where Hair Control Styling Cream comes in. Its natural ingredients create a film around each hair fibre and restructure it, improving its health and preventing frizz. It's like a hug for your hair!



It's an injection of youth for the scalp! Obtained from chestnut sap, this microalgae oil repairs, protects and strengthens the hair fibre. It also stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis thanks to its rich composition, with more than 90% Omega-9. The result? It adds shine, softness, moisture, reduces frizz and conditions the hair.

WHEAT PROTEIN Strengthens and restructures hair fibres

Extracted from wheat, this protein seeps deep into the hair fibre to repair, restructure and protect your hair from the inside out. Did you know it can reduce hair fibre breakage by more than 80%? It's like a protective shield! As well as soothing and deflating an irritated scalp, it provides softness and creates a barrier to protect your hair from daily stress.

PEA PROTEIN Provides elasticity and hydration

Extracted from the pea, this protein is rich in glutamic acid and aspartic acid. What does this mean? It retains water and arginine in your hair, which helps to protect, strengthen and moisturise it in the short and long term, especially if your hair tends to dry out!

LINUM BIOMATRIX Protects, reduces frizz and adds shine

This active ingredient works in a very curious way: flax biopolymers create a molecular structure around each of your hair fibres - it's like a permanent hug! They wrap and protect them, helping to align them correctly and reducing frizz dramatically!

How does it work?
  1. With hair still damp after washing, apply the required amount to your hand (depending on how thick and long your hair is).
  2. Rub the cream between the palms of your hands.
  3. Spread evenly with your fingers from mid-lengths to ends.
  4. No need to rinse: quick and easy!

Ingredients Hair Control Styling Cream

* Ingredients from organic farming

** Derived from natural essential oils


Both are products to help style the hair after a shower and protect it from heat damage. On the one hand, Hair Radiance is designed to help untangle the hair and is in a spray format, while the Hair Control will help reduce frizz and shape the hairstyle in a cream format. You can choose between one or the other depending on your hair's needs, or combine both.

To combine them, first apply the Hair Radiance to wet hair when you get out of the shower, remember to remove the excess water and then apply the Hair Control to damp hair.

Yes! Thanks to Linum Biomatrix, which seals the hair fibres and increases resistance to thermal degradation by 44%.

Both products help style and shape the hair. The Curly Vibes is designed for curly or wavy hair that wants to define its curls and waves, while the Hair Control is designed for straight hair that wants to reduce frizz and shape the hairstyle.

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Buonissimo prodotto, lo adoro, finalmente riesco a fare una piega bella compatta, omogenea, senza più crespo. Spero ritorni presto in stock

Cara Laura, stiamo lavorando duramente per ripristinare lo stock! Vedrai che a breve tornerá disponibile. Grazie di cuore per le tue parole e per averci scelto! 


Excelente producto, moldea el pelo, evita el encrespamiento y deja un brillo sano y espectacular


lascia di sicuro i capelli morbidi ma il suo odore non è gradevole.

Grazie Graziella per il tuo commento <3 Essendo prodotti totalmente naturali, non utilizziamo profumi artificiali :) Siamo comunque felici di sapere che hai avuto un riscontro positivo sui capelli! Un abbraccio :)


Parece que funciona pero el olor es muy desagradable.

¡Hola, Elisabet! Mil gracias por tu comentario. En este caso, entendemos que el tema de los olores es algo muy personal y a lo que a algunos les puede gustar, a otros no tanto. Con todo, estamos seguros de que con el tiempo te acostumbrarás. ¡Un abrazo enorme ^^!


No me ha gustado nada ....dice libre de derivados del petróleo y huele fatal como alquitrá estoy usando para cuando baño al perro para peinarlo ... todos los demás productos que uso son una maravilla.....este me ha defraudado mucho

¡Hola, Amparo! :) Muchas gracias por contarnos tu experiencia con el Hair Control. Entendemos que el tema del olor es algo subjetivo y no a todo el mundo le puede gustar, pero te confirmamos que no contiene ningún derivado del petróleo y el olor debería de ser más bien frutal. Nuestra recomendación es aplicar solo la cantidad que tu cabello necesita y hacerlo con el cabello todavía húmedo. De medios a puntas. Esperamos que puedas darle una segunda oportunidad. ¡Un abrazo! ^^

M. Dolors

Me ha encantado el producto.


Avevo letto recensioni che parlavano del fatto che avesse un cattivo odore. Io lo trovo buonissimo ed è perfetto per disciplinare i capelli. In più ne serve pochissimo. Preso in offerta ma sono sicura che lo acquisterò ancora!!


Para pelo corto es un fijador estupendo con un color muy rico! La fijación te dura todo el día. Lo recomiendo mucho

Rosa M

Me a gustado bastante para el secado al aire.

Coca moreno

Deja el pelo muy suave sin sensación de apelmazado, el olor muy bueno, lo uso diariamente y mi pelo se ve mucho mejor