Hair Radiance Keratin Spray

Detangling hair spray

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One product, a thousand benefits for your hair? Yes, with this repairing detangler with vegetable keratin! It's not (just) a protective and repairing spray. Free of sulphates and silicones, its 6 plant-based technologies strengthen and restructure the hair fibre from the very first application, providing an effective solution to the various hair challenges, with optimum visible results after 28 days, for a healthier, stronger, shinier and silkier mane!

  • Strengthens and redensifies the hair and hair fibre
  • Repairs up to 90% of weak and damaged hair 
  • Keeps hair hydrated, healthy, soft and voluminous
  • Increases resistance to heat damage from flat irons and blow dryers by 44%. 
  • Increases hair shine by 36% and hydration by 14%.
  • Detangles and facilitates combing up to 39%.
  • 99% natural formula
  • Free of silicones, sulphates, parabens, PEGs, alcohol, mineral oils, preservatives and toxic colourants and other petroleum derivatives.

Suitable for children and teenagers

✨ Natural fragrance. You will fall in love with its citrus notes of lemon, orange and grapefruit, combined with a special touch of blackcurrant and peach. Summery scent all year round!

100ml / 200ml | Glass container | Dermatologically tested | Suitable for all hair types and for pregnant women

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5113 reviews
  1. Provides 36% more shine and 14% more hydration, providing a notable increase in softness and manageability to your hair, thanks to the combined action of the active ingredient obtained from artichoke, Vegan Chitosan and Erythritol, which facilitates combing by up to 39%. 
  2. Strengthens hair by 14% and increases its elasticity by 10%, thanks to the Nori seaweed marine complex, which forms a protective film and retains moisture inside the hair fibre.
  3. Increases the hair's resistance to thermal damage and protects it from sun damage by up to 62%, thanks to a blend of polysaccharides extracted from flax and chia and the powerful active ingredient Keracyn, which repairs damaged cuticles by up to 90%.


On the beach or in the mountains, in the sun or in the heat, blow-dried or blow-dried? There are many external factors that affect the way your hair looks, as well as your lifestyle or the chemicals in your hair routine. Feeling like your hair is dull and your strands are rebelling with every style? Moisturising comes first! But how can you get an amazing finish? It incorporates a spray with natural ingredients, which protect and coat the hair fibre, with antioxidant and moisturising power for a shinier, softer and easier to style mane.


ACTIVE KERACYN Protects and prevents hair fibre deterioration

This active antioxidant prevents the degradation of the components necessary for the hair fibre: keratin and lipids. But as well as protecting, it repairs hair fibres by acting directly on the cuticle by up to 90%! It thus improves the external appearance of the hair, enhancing its natural shine and colour.

LINUM BIOMATRIX Protects and shines hair

This natural technology composed of flax biopolymers makes hair 36% shinier and increases the decomposition temperature of keratin to protect hair from blow-dryers and straighteners. It also fights frizz by creating a molecular-scale matrix that envelops and protects each hair fibre.

BEETROOT ACTIVE Leaves hair softer

This active ingredient has a balsamic effect that prevents frizz, improves combability, reduces the loss of colour caused by frequent washing, strengthens the hair and increases its elasticity. It is a mixture of fructo-oligosaccharides and beetroot extract, which reduces hair breakage and electrostatic charge.

MARINE COMPLEX Moisturises and protects against external aggressions

Nori seaweed has a high protein and amino acid content that restructures and protects the hair fibre from dehydration and external aggressions. Thanks to the presence of polysaccharides such as agar and carrageenan, this seaweed strengthens the hair and makes it more elastic, forming a protective film that locks moisture and active ingredients inside the hair for better distribution

PEA PEPTIDE Gives volume to the hair

This active ingredient in the hydrolysed pea protein slows down the ageing and dehydration of hair, which causes dull appearance and hair loss. Pea peptide has antioxidant, anti-ageing, moisturising and emollient properties. It also increases hair volume and hydration from the first application.

BAOBAB OLIGOPEPTIDS Repairs and strengthens the hair

This botanical active ingredient repairs hair, strengthening it by 17% and increasing its elasticity by 10%. Its oligopeptides, extracted from the baobab tree, are multifunctional proteins distinguished by their repairing and strengthening properties.

ERITRITOL Moisturises and facilitates stylingImproves hair structure

Improves hair structure by restoring cuticle cells and leaving the hair surface very smooth. This also improves combability, reducing the force needed to detangle hair by up to 39%.

How does it work?
  1. Shake the product before use to thoroughly blend the natural ingredients.
  2. Apply 3-4 pumps of the product to damp hair, placing the spray at a distance of 30-40 cm and massage your hair and scalp so that the product spreads well through all the strands.
  3. Brush your hair normally and gently to avoid breaking the hair fibre and damaging the hair. No need to rinse.

Ingredients Hair Radiance Keratin Spray

* Ingredients from organic farming

** Derived from natural essential oils




You can use all of our hair products with peace of mind. As they are natural and free from sulphates or silicones, they won’t effect the colour or results of any treatments used alongside them, instead they will help strengthen hair and colour.

Yes! Although we’d generally recommend using on damp hair after washing, to help detangle. But you can also use it at any time on dry hair.

It does indeed! It increases heat resistance by 44% and it protects from sun damage by 62%.

This spray has a light texture and doesn’t contain oils, so it's perfect to use on all types of hair without making it feel greasy or heavy.

You can always find the expiry date of your Freshly products on the bottom of our packaging or on the side of the label. The most important thing to bear in mind is that they have a long shelf life thanks to their preservatives, which in our case are natural, so you will have time to enjoy all their active ingredients! You will notice that the shelf life is similar to that of conventional products (around a year or a year and a half).

On the other hand, once opened, the product has a PAO, which is the time within which you should use the product. After this time, the properties should not be affected, although the products, like any other conventional product, may undergo changes in texture, smell and colour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5113 reviews
Arnau Ripolles
Me encanta

Este spray de pelo es genial, desenreda los nudos que da gusto!

Loredana Cocco
Spray protettivo capelli

Questo spray protettivo per capelli a base di cheratina è fantastico!!!! Top top top

Protetor de cabelo

Um dos meus produtos preferidos da Freshly. Coloco sempre antes de secar o cabelo, ajuda muito a desembaraçar e protege o cabelo das altas temperaturas do secador, suaviza o meu cabelo. Recomendo!

Muito bom. Excelente.

É ótimo para cabelos fragilizados e desembaraça-os bem antes de os secar.

Adoro. Não é a primeira vez que o compro e não é a última.

Prodotto fantastico

Ho comprato questo articolo con un po' di scetticismo, mi aono dovuta ricredere! Prodotto fantastico texture leggera i capeli restano lucenti e idratati, la piega regge di più e resistono anche meglio all'umidità!

Adorei o cheiro e textura!

Gosto pois é bem líquido e não pesa em nada o cabelo, como tenho cabelos finos e pouco volume isso é muito bom! Não sei quanto a deixar o cabelo fácil de pentear, parece mesmo como uma água, é cedo para dizer que deixou o cabelo mais forte, tem um mês que uso e sinto sim que tenho mais volume mas também estou a usar outros produtos por isso não sei dizer se é devido ao spray! Mas não notei nenhum efeito negativo portanto, recomendo! Ah o cheiro é muuuito bom!


J'adore ce produit je ne sais pavivre sans.

Muito bom

Desembaraça e não é gorduroso no cabelo.


Très agréable à utiliser


Spray muito prático e tem ajudado o meu cabelo a ter brilho. Gostei