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Imagine that skincare and makeup had a baby: Makeup with skin conditioning benefits! What a winning combination. See how to create different natural makeup looks while treating the skin. Make it look like art!


Taking care of our skin starts with a good skincare routine and continues with proper makeup products, specifically, non-comedogenic and natural ones. Ours provide hydration and are formulated with natural actives, vitamins and antioxidants to elevate your makeup looks. Here’s all about our science-led makeup.  

Make up your mind! The best natural actives, for flawless makeup looks. 

Double-duty formula! Your staple conditioning mascara to nourish and enhance eyelashes.

Stop losing time and eyelashes, how about treating them while having a WOW effect? This conditioning mascara powered with castor oil and natural ingredients is ready to protect, strengthen eyelashes while making them look pretty spectacular. 

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Tips on how to get perfect eyebrows without going to a salon

Tips and tricks to have voluminous brows. Learn how to get perfect eyebrows without microblading with a tinted and clear eyebrow gel.

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Freshly Makeup, the Freshly Cosmetics makeup brand!

We'd like to introduce you Freshly Makeup, the new makeup brand by Freshly Cosmetics. Discover the revolutionary Skincare-Makeup Formulas concept that will allow you to take care of your skin with makeup.

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Discover the best makeup according to your eyes shape!

Highlight your gaze according to your eye shape. Whether you've large or small, close or far set eyes, here are some tips for the best make up. Keep reading!

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