Planet First

What should I know?

Sustainability is one of our main values. Find in these posts how to transition to a more respectful lifestyle. Learn about veganism, natural actives and more. 


Because that's something that the whole Freshly Team has perfectly integrated into their daily lives:

From the sustainable development of our products (always choosing natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging) to our offices in the Freshly Park, designed with a sunlight energy system.

Planet first! 

F Solidpod Shampoo & Shower Gel: All your doubts, solved!

Here’s the thing, when we talk about solid beauty bars, so many questions arise! We are ready to answer them all. Our shampoo and gel bars are 99% natural, vegan, free from silicones & parabens.

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#freshlyhabits: 4 steps to start taking care of the environment

You can contribute your bit to get to live in harmony with nature. Follow a sustainable lifestyle to take care of the environment. Do you want to know how? Join the #freshlyhabits.

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What do you do with your #empties?

Transform your cosmetics’ bottles into beauty cases, flower vases... Are you in the #empties status? Discover how to restyle, reuse and recycle your Freshly boxes and containers in a useful, creative and sustainable way!

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Why should you use a bamboo Toothbrush? Discover its benefits!

Discover the benefits of using our bamboo Pure Freshness Toothbrush for you and for the planet. For an eco-friendly choice.

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