Revitalise your whole body with a body serum

Tired, swollen, heavy legs at the end of the day?

All this is due to bad circulation caused perhaps by many hours spent sitting or, on the contrary, because we have been standing for too long, which generates an accumulation of liquids and water retention. This accumulation of water that usually concentrate in legs, knees and ankles, is called edema. Another cause of the heavy-leg feeling can be due to an alteration in the skin microcirculation, which is responsible for the thermal regulation of the skin and the supply of oxygen, which can cause varicose veins or cellulite to appear. But no panic, there is a remedy for everything: there are natural products that can prevent and eliminate swelling, improve microcirculation, fight varicose veins, reduce inflammation and fat, tonify and sculpt the whole body.

How to prevent and fight heavy legs?

Reducing swelling and water retention is possible by following a healthy diet, doing daily exercise and applying a revitalising body serum to reactivate the circulation and drain fluids. It will become your ally to combat the feeling of heaviness and reduce localised fat.

Freshly Cosmetics
Freshly Cosmetics

What’s a body serum and what is it for?

As well as a facial serums, also a body serum contains natural active ingredients that can deeply penetrate into the skin, much more than a cream. Its light texture makes it a fast-absorbing product that acts on the deepest layers of the skin.

A body serum not only moisturises and smoothes the skin, but also improves circulation, solving directly related problems such as swelling, varicose veins, localised fat accumulation or water retention. At Freshly, we're glad to introduce you to the powerful Hyaluronic Energy Body Serum, the serum that restores energy to your entire body, relieving fatigue, heaviness and swelling. All this thanks to over 99% natural ingredients and natural active ingredients. A real revolution to revitalise your body at the end of the day!

Freshly Cosmetics
Freshly Cosmetics

This body serum is suitable for all skin types and all ages. It is useful to fight tired legs after many hours of sitting or standing, is the perfect ally to relieve the feeling of heaviness if you are pregnant, and is also recommended for people who do sport for its revitalising benefits.

What makes Freshly's body serum so special?

Freshly's body serum revitalises the skin giving a feeling of relief from heaviness and swelling, reactivating the circulation and draining accumulated fluids. But let's all the benefits and results you can get by applying it.

Stimulates circulation and treats varicose veins

It improves microcirculation by 30% thanks to red algae and goldenrod.

Freshly Cosmetics
Freshly Cosmetics

Prevents and fights the swelling and relieves heaviness

Thanks to its gel texture, it gives an immediate feeling of relief and freshness, ideal at the end of the day before going to sleep.

Tonifies and has an anti-inflammatory effect

It increases skin tone by 23% and elasticity by 9.4%.

Reduces localised fat and sculpts the silhouette

Thanks to the ultramarine active, this body serum has a reducing effect on abdomen, legs and arms.

Prevents and reduces water retention

Its ability to activate microcirculation promotes the drainage of accumulated liquids, with the consequent reduction of swelling.

Exfoliates, soothes and moisturises the skin

Thanks to Mauritius triple active and a rhaponticin complex, this body serum increases skin hydration by up to 19% as early as 30 minutes after its application. The exfoliating Australian lime caviar, combined with 2 types of hyaluronic acid, makes the skin regenerated, renewed and 90% brighter.

Freshly Cosmetics
Freshly Cosmetics

How to apply a the Body Serum and how to combine it with the Body Oil and the Body Flame?

This body serum is ideal to apply just before going to sleep. After showering, follow your normal hydration routine by applying the Golden Radiance Body Oil to wet skin to make it absorb faster. Once absorbed, you can spread the Body Flame Firming Cream all over your body with circular massages. Finally, as a last step and before you go to bed, apply the Hyaluronic Energy Body Serum with gentle circular massages to reactivate circulation. Insist on the parts of your body you notice most tired or swollen. By letting the serum work all night long, your body will recover the energy it needs

Tip! If you wish to increase benefits and results, you can also apply it in the morning. Its fruity scent gives a feeling of immediate relief, well being and freshness.

What are you waiting for? Try the Hyaluronic Energy Body Serum now to get 100% revitalised skin. Also suitable during pregnancy.

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  • LaRonJam Raji

    21 August 2021

    Body serum

    I absolutely love the sound and benefits of this body serum. Looks like its something my body will benefit from. Being that I'm living with diabetes, my skin is affected in so many ways - dryness, dull, wrinkles, slow healing of wounds etc. I would love to try this product and hope that you have samples for potential customers to try. Thank you for taking the time to read my message and for your confirmation of this matter. I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Kind regards LaRonJam Raji

    Freshly 21 August 2021 Thanks for writing us, LaRonJam! :D At this moment we do not have samples of this product, but we do not doubt that once you try it you cannot live without it! ;) Have a nice day! :D

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