Skinducation: the ageing process & how to maintain radiance

Why do we age?

Epigenetics and sirtuins

How does our skin age?

Skinvestment, the Omega Rich Well-Ageing Cream

Somehow when we talk about ageing, our parents come to our heads. Am I gonna look like them, should I worry about my eye wrinkles because my mum has them? Well, 20% of how you’re going to look has to do with your genetics, but the rest is pretty up to you. Learn the ageing routes and start checking your habits as those really influence your skin ageing process.

Why do we age?

Well in very technical words, we age due to the progressive loss of our organism's ability to repair itself. This basically means that in your 30s, your skin will start losing its properties like elasticity, hydration tone etc. But don’t be alarmed, this is a natural process. The good news is that you can do many things to preserve your plump complexion for longer. In fact, David Sinclair an investigator from Harvard University has proven that a healthy lifestyle can radically change the way we age. 

Have you ever seen someone that was in your class and looked exactly the same? That’s because his or her epigenetics are strong!

Epigenetics and +NAD levels

Have you ever heard of epigenetics? It studies the environmental changes that cause acceleration of the process of ageing. To make things clear, it shows us that biological destiny can be modified, and that’s kind of cool. It can vary depending on what surrounds us and what we are exposed to, like our lifestyle, diet, sun exposure etc. 

When we pile up damage and stress, our cells enter a state of senescence, or in easy words, they turn into zombie cells. An accumulation of those cells is what makes our body lose its normal functions and that is when wrinkles, spots and dryness are more likely to appear. 

Now let’s talk about NAD+ levels, what are they? NAD+ are molecules that help convert food to energy and play a crucial role in maintaining our DNA integrity. They basically ensure proper cell function and protect our bodies from ageing so they are superheroes made molecules. 

In our 50s NAD+ levels decrease up to 50% compared with what we produced in our 20s. That's why we have to take extra good care of our bodies as we age.


How can we make skin look healthy?

Ageing is not boring! For us, it’s actually fascinating, because by understanding how we age, we can understand how to care for our skin in a better way. That means formulating exciting things ;)

There are 4 components that make our skin look plump and healthy. 

  • Collagen: this is the protein that forms and gives strength and solidity to the skin and bones. We should have between 72 and 80%, but after the age of 30, it decreases by 1% every year. 
  • Elastin: provides flexibility and elasticity. In skin ageing, the loss of elastin is the most evident, especially after the age of 70. The so-called sagginess. 
  • Hyaluronic acid: this is one of the main components of connective tissue whose main function is to keep the epidermis elastic, soft and moisturised. It acts as a scaffold for the skin, giving firmness, especially to the face.
  • Fibroblasts: these are connective tissue cells that give the face a vital appearance, as they are responsible for producing the molecules needed to support other tissues, including elastin and its elastic fibres.

When we age, these 4 superhero components, degrade. But if we are not able to produce them naturally, we can actually give our skin a little hand.

A little help for well-ageing

You’ve probably heard a million times that having a healthy lifestyle makes you age better, but it’s true. We believe that this starts with self-love and self-care, and to be honest, we know a thing or two about those ;)

That is why we have formulated something pretty exciting to elevate the process of ageing. 

before fter antiaging

Omega rich Well- Ageing Cream, a  skin lover for your face. It acts while you are busy living, we know days can be pretty hectic. But take your omega night moment, as a mindfulness routine.

The Omega is specially formulated to make sure collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and fibroblasts do not degrade, and that at the same time the skin does not lose its energy.

What makes Omega Rich Well-Ageing Cream special?

  • A formula with 99% natural ingredients, 50% of which are organic
  • Natural clinical active ingredients that keep skin ageing signs at bay
  • Glycogen, restore the skin's energy levels to a lower biological age, resulting in a visible improvement in 28 days.
  • It has hyaluronic acid, for greater penetration of the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, gives elasticity and firmness to the face with a natural lifting effect

So from now on, do not call it anti-ageing, it can be well-ageing! The time has come to change our habits and the quality of our lives, to stop fighting against time and learn to listen and love our skin. And remember, wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been! 

We at Freshly Cosmetics create natural cosmetics (all of our formulas contain over 99% natural, sustainable and vegan ingredients) based on scientific knowledge and studies. We aim to make people aware of the effect cosmetics have on their skin. We are scientists with a strong desire to change things and help people take better care of themselves, consciously.
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