Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum

Mandelic acid exfoliating face serum

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Dull skin, uneven skin tone or blackheads? Revitalise your face with an enzymatic exfoliant! This 99% natural formula renews your skin cells while you sleep thanks to powerful active ingredients such as mandelic acid, white willow bark or mango and papaya enzymes. The outcome? Show off a smoother, more radiant and even complexion with no blackheads. Apply at night and wake up to rejuvenated skin!

  • Exfoliating action without irritating skin thanks to its advanced enzyme technology
  • Removes dead skin cells and regenerates skin
  • Boosts radiance and an even skin tone
  • Reduces blackheads and clogged pores
  • Visible results in 28 days
  • 99.9% natural formula
  • With no synthetic AHAs and BHAs

Natural scent. Floral & tropical scent thanks to the essential oils of guava, papaya, pomegranate, rose, violet and a vanilla base note.

RENEWED. Improved formula! 

✨With mandelic acid for deeper exfoliation

✨Brighter complexion 

✨Check how to use it: it is now the first product to be used in the evening routine!

30 - 50ml | Glass bottle | Dermatologically tested | Suitable for sensitive skin and during pregnancy | Gluten free

Refill available!
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4992 reviews
  1. Reduces excess sebum thanks to plant-derived retinoids, Willow Bark Active and papaya enzymes.
  2. Exfoliates and provides a radiant, smooth complexion, aided by the incorporation of Exfoliating Fruit Complex and pomegranate, papaya and mango enzymes. 
  3. Boosts skin renewal by 27%, achieving a more uniform complexion without irritating the skin thanks to  pro renew probiotics  and Australian lime caviar. 
  4. Smoothes things down: Reduces wrinkles, boosts radiance and hydrates the face, thanks to vegan hyaluronic acid. 


When our skin doesn’t renew itself uniformly, acne and dullness come into play. Sometimes, our skin renews itself too quickly, causing acne, or on the contrary, too slowly, making the skin look dull.  That’s why it’s important to incorporate into our routine a serum that exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and balancing the regeneration cycle. In this way, we can attain a smoother, more radiant and uniform complexion. 


MANDELIC ACID Exfoliates without irritating.

Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) with a low irritant potential, also suitable for sensitive skin. Buffs away layers of keratinised dead skin from the stratum corneum to promote cell renewal. This leaves the skin smoother and brighter with less visible pores.

WILLOW BARK ACTIVE Reduces the sebum secretion.

This active ingredient, obtained from black willow bark, contains a high content of tannins and salicin, and it’s a natural source of salicylic acid. Willow Bark Extract, containing 10% salicylates, exfoliates and has an antimicrobial action, without causing any irritation. Salicylic acid softens and dissolves keratin, helping dead skin cells to slough off and skin to renew itself easily. It deeply penetrates and exfoliates both the outer and inner layers of skin, thoroughly cleansing pores. It also reduces sebum secretion and treats acne.

POMEGRANATE ENZYME Gentle exfoliation.

This active ingredient is extracted from the flesh of pomegranates. It gently exfoliates thanks to the action of proteolytic enzymes, leaving skin revitalised. It removes the outer layer of dead skin where sebum can be accumulated and pathogenic bacteria can be trapped. Efficacy tests on this compound show that it boosts cellular renewal by 26%.

PRORENEW PROBIOTICS Antimicrobial properties.

This probiotic complex is obtained from the Lactococcus lactis bacterium. It works by stimulating skin cellular renewal, removing the layer of dead skin cells and significantly reinforcing the barrier function of the epidermis. Additionally, this ingredient increases the production of transglutaminase 1, filaggrin and caspase-14, essential compounds for healthy skin. It also has antimicrobial properties and defence mechanisms against environmental pollution and its impact on skin.


This active ingredient, made of papaya and mango enzymes, boosts cellular renewal through gentle exfoliation, improves the appearance and normal functioning of the skin. Studies have revealed that this ingredient can boost cellular renewal to levels comparable to those of glycolic acid formulations.

GARDENIA BLUE Antioxidant and well ageing properties.

This ingredient extracted by fermentation of the fruit of Gardenia jasminoides stands out for its high antioxidant action, fighting free radicals and providing benefits such as combating the signs of ageing. It’s also the ingredient that gives the Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum its distinctive blue colour.

CRISTE MARINE ACTIVE Smoothes and eliminates wrinkles.

IIt’s a wax obtained from Criste Marine, a plant that grows along a seashore where fishermen used to take on long journeys because of its high vitamin C and mineral content. This ingredient stimulates the effects of retinoids on skin, without causing any irritation or photosensitivity. It reduces sebum secretion, smooths skin, removes wrinkles, and evens out skin tone. After 28 days, skin is significantly softer and wrinkles diminish by 11.1%. Sebum levels decrease, giving skin a matt appearance.

ACTIVE BAICALIN ROOT Slows cellular aging.

This innovative active ingredient obtained from the roots of Scutellaria Baicalensis delays cellular ageing and rejuvenates skin cells back to how they were 10 years ago. It increases the production of telomerase, which makes cells replicate for longer periods of time. According to in vitro studies, the cells are able to duplicate themselves 10% more with this active ingredient. In vivo studies have also proven how this active ingredient reduces skin roughness and improves its structure, elasticity and firmness.

LIME CAVIAR Eliminates dead skin.

A natural source of AHAs extracted from Australian lime caviar, which are particularly beneficial for stimulating skin renewal through a highly innovative mechanism. According to different studies, this ingredient stimulates the appearance of keratinocyte differentiation markers: filaggrin (+128%) and involucrin (+43%), which stimulate dead skin cell removal. It leads to gentle exfoliation which takes effect during the first 30 minutes of use. It has also been proven that skin exfoliation is long-lasting, as shown by studies conducted after one month of use.

EXFOLIATING FRUIT COMPLEX Smoother, more radiant skin.

This compound contains blueberry, orange, lemon, sugar maple and sugar cane extracts. It has excellent exfoliating properties and leaves skin softer and more radiant. It helps to normalise skin cells by decreasing corneocytes (the outermost cells that form the protective layer of the epidermis) adhesion, increasing cellular renewal and improving exfoliation. Efficacy tests reveal this complex boosts cellular renewal at a very similar rate of synthetic glycolic acid

HYADISINE ACTIVE Plant-derived alternative to hyaluronic acid.

Exopolysaccharides obtained by fermentation of marine Pseudoalteromonas bacteria, which are rich in plant-derived glucuronic acid. Similarly, the well-known hyaluronic acid (HA) is also rich in this compound with a remarkable capacity to retain water. Hyadisine Active is a plant-derived and sustainable alternative to hyaluronic acid. According to in vivo efficacy tests, this ingredient immediately boosts skin moisturisation with long-lasting effects.

How does it work?
  1. Shake the product before using as natural ingredients may separate.
  2. At night, apply half a pipette-full between your forehead and cheeks.
  3. Apply it during your night-time beauty routine, right after cleansing and the Hyper Concentrate Eye Serum (if you have it). After applying Blue Radiance, you can use Azelaic Radiance and other hydrating serums and products such as Vitamin C, Red Velvet or Phoenix Aura.
  4. TIP! It also hydrates! This means that depending on your skin type, you can use it by itself as your hydrating product at night, without applying any cream afterwards.

Ingredients Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum

* Ingredients from organic farming

** Derived from natural essential oils





Because it is an enzymatic exfoliator, and not a physical one or one with AHA or BHA acids, it can be used daily, as it gently renews the skin without irritating it.

The Vitamin C Concentrate Serum is a light serum containing antioxidants and Vitamin C, reducing and preventing sun spots and increasing hydration with vegan hyaluronic acid and ginseng.

Red Velvet Oil Serum is a facial oil that focuses primarily on nourishing the skin; it also contains active ingredients to improve firmness and elasticity and brings radiance and vitality to the face, as well as treating scars, blemishes, redness and inflammation.

In addition to improving cell turnover, the Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum treats acne, blackheads, open pores, and blemishes. 

Phoenix Aura Well-Ageing Serum is a serum to help you age in a healthy way, treating wrinkles, elasticity and firmness of the skin thanks to its high concentration of 12 natural active ingredients, including bakuchiol 1%.

The Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum will allow us to exfoliate our face in a healthy, efficient, and uniform way. It does not contain any ingredients that irritate the skin, making it suitable for daily use. As a result, we recommend stopping using other exfoliating products on your face, whether they are physical or based on AHA or BHA acids. 

Apply it in your night routine, right after cleansing and using the Hyper Concentrate Eye Serum (if you have it). Then, after applying the Blue Radiance Serum you can follow it with the Azelaic Radiance Serum and any other serum or moisturiser, such as the Vitamin C Concentrate, Red Velvet or Phoenix Aura.

It's a product that also moisturises! So depending on your skin type, you can use it as your only night moisturiser, without applying a cream afterwards.

We have improved the formula of the Blue Radiance, with which we sought to increase the efficacy of the product for an increased exfoliation. We've added mandelic acid, a naturally occurring AHA that comes from almonds, which gently promotes skin cell renewal. In addition, by incorporating this ingredient we've also changed the order that you can use it the product in your routine, in order to achieve the best results for your skin. It's now the first product that you'd apply, in your night routine, just after cleansing and just before other treatments, serums and moisturisers.

You can always find the expiry date of your Freshly products on the bottom of our packaging or on the side of the label. The most important thing to bear in mind is that they have a long shelf life thanks to their preservatives, which in our case are natural, so you will have time to enjoy all their active ingredients! You will notice that the shelf life is similar to that of conventional products (around a year or a year and a half).

On the other hand, once opened, the product has a PAO, which is the time within which you should use the product. After this time, the properties should not be affected, although the products, like any other conventional product, may undergo changes in texture, smell and colour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4992 reviews
Arnau Ripolles

Me encanta este producto!


Textura y olor agradable. Yo tengo manchas y la piel grasa y me la deja muy bien, nada grasa.
Aplico por las noches con la piel limpia y eatoy contenta con resultado.

Rossana Duranti
Pelle migliorata

Da quando uso i Vs. prodotti (due anni, forse più), la mia pelle è migliorata e questo non lo ho di meno, rende la pelle sempre pulita e fresca


Muy recomendable


Me va genial, lo recomiendo si tienes piel con acné


Es un básico en mi rutina de noche. Siempre repito con él!


Me encanta! Un imprescindible en mi rutina de noche.


¡Me encanta!


Lo uso des de hace 4 meses y junto von el acidi azelaico deja la piel genial


Esta es la segunda vez que lo tengo. Me encanta, hace su función y no te reseca la piel.