Hair loss troubles and how to improve hair growth

Experiencing hair loss, lack of vitality or strength? We've been there, hair needs to be taken care of, that is why we have designed a natural solution for hair troubles. Before diving in, here is a quick & easy guide to learn all about hair matters.

What are the causes of hair loss?

· Hormonal: in men, the main cause of hormonal hair loss is DHT or Dihydrotestosterone, which acts on the hair follicles of the scalp causing hair loss. Hair loss in women is mainly caused by a hormonal imbalance between testosterone and oestrogen, in which the conversion to DHT also increases. In addition, women hormonal imbalance is usually accompanied by polycystic ovaries, which can accentuate the problem of hair loss due to a nutritional deficit of iron and ferritin. For both men and women, the most effective way to reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT is using natural products, without hormone-based treatments so as not to generate imbalances.

· Nutritional: a nutritional deficit can affect the quality of hair and accelerate hair loss. Since the nutrients we ingest are not enough, the organism distributes them as a priority throughout your body and stops nourishing the hair correctly. In addition, hair cells are among the fastest growing and dividing cells, which means that the faster a cell divides and grows, the more nutrients it will consume and therefore the more negative impact a nutritional deficit will have on it.

· Inflammatory: With stress, also commonly known as telogen effluvium, increased levels of cortisol or the stress hormone can cause hair loss. In many cases, this inflammation is originated from an imbalance of micro-organisms on the scalp, such as an overgrowth of bacteria.

Any of these sound familiar? Let’s put our smart glasses on and learn about the hair cycle! Information is powerful! 

Hair growth cycle- 3 stages explained

Aplicación Hair Growth

Our hair goes through 3 stages: Anagen, Catagen, Telogen phases

1. Anagen: Period of hair growth. The hair strands actively grow from the roots. This is the most important phase when it comes to having healthy strong hair. The hair is nourished thanks to the blood supply, which enables hair growth. 

2. Catagen: Second phase of the hair cycle. This is a rather short period, only lasts between 2-3 weeks. The hair follicle detaches from the blood supply. 

3. Telogen: Also known as the resting phase. The last stage is where hair falls out as there isn’t any nourishment from the blood supply. But don’t be alarmed,  the new hair underneath is ready to start the cycle again. 

The hair growth treatment focuses on

· Prolongated telogen face,  so that fewer hairs fall out. 

· Prolongating anagen face, so our hair remains in this phase for longer and reduces the number of hairs that enter the telogen phase.

· Over all improve hair growth, hair density and reduce hair loss.

This is all a natural process that the body experiments. But there is something you can do to maintain your hair at a healthy strong stage, ready? 

Hair Growth & Density Treatment

Hair treatment serum - 50ml

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How does Hair Growth & Density Treatment work within the hair cycle?

What a great question!

Well, to have healthy strong hair, we want to maintain hair strands in the Anagen Phases as long as possible, so it grows thicker. That's why the Hair Growth & Density Treatment is powered with Smart Growth Activator technology, which helps hair strands stay in the anagen phase for longer. 

Perseverance is key, so to get the results that we are about to dive into, you need to be religious about its application. Now, hair-glow-up talk:

· In 45 days, 27% of volunteers claimed stronger hair, and in 90 days, 70% notice the results.

· In 45 days, 36% of the volunteers confirmed to notice a hair density boost, while in 90 days, 70% of the volunteers confirm the boost density results.

· In 45 days 36% of volunteers noticed a slowing down of hair loss, while in 90 days 70% of the volunteers also confirm the results.

· In 45 days 72% of the volunteers noticed an improvement in the condition of their hair, and in 90 days this increases to 90%.

· After 120 days with the Hair Growth & Density Treatment optimal results are achieved.

· 100% of the volunteers found it easy and comfortable to apply.

This test included men between 24 and 54 years of age and women between 28 and 50 years of age.

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Tip: how to use the Hair Growth & Density treatment for effective results

Hair growth routine 

Every night

· Fill up a pipette of the Hair Growth & Density treatment

· Apply the serum to your scalp sectioning the hair 

· Give it a good old hair massage

TIP: Avoid wearing tight hairstyles to prevent traction alopecia! 

We are done! You learn something new every day! We hope you try the Hair growth & Density treatment and tell us all about it! 

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  • Geraldine lee-treweek

    30 Agosto 2021

    Great write up but no mention of how the product works

    This is a good article in terms of explaining hair loss and the expected results of your product. You say it is natural and that there have been good outcomes. However, in amongst all this detail, your actual product is lost. Many of us are really searching for something that works, we know many of the reasons hair loss and so none of the detail you provide is a surprise. However, because we are looking for something natural we want to know a little about what is in the product you offer, is it organic, does it contain oils etc? In other words, we want to know about your product before we buy. This is missing here, which is a real shame. I am sure what you offer is great, but as a consumer I need a little more than a discussion of why hair falls out. Please, please provide this because a DHT blocking product which is natural is welcomed!

    Freshly 30 Agosto 2021 Hi Geraldine, it is great you want to know more about the Hair Growth & Density Treatment! :D In our website you can see all the information regarding the product and the ingredients. If you require more details, we suggest you to write to hello@freshlycosmetics and you will be more than happy to answer everything you need to know from our product specialists team. Kind regards,

  • Margaret

    28 Agosto 2021

    Hair thinning

    Wow I'm excited about your product it's the best news ever to me, as ive got older I'm 65 I found my hair is falling out on a regular basis (,I'm a hairdresser who had to retire as I've health problems) I can't wait to try and review this greatest sounding products, thank you from women all over Scotland and the UK .

    Freshly 28 Agosto 2021 Hello Margaret! We are so glad that you ar excited about the Hair Growth as much as we do! Thank you very much for telling us! We can see and order already online on our website! Best wishes!!!!

  • Aline Soghomonian

    26 Agosto 2021

    Dry, curly hair

    Hola! I have very long curly, dry hair that is prone to frizz. Maybe it's san age thing (I'm in my 40s), but it seems like I have less hair. While I'm not anemic, my iron levels drop every few months, so I'm sure that has had an effect on it. Anyway, thanks for the informative article (sorry, it's faster for me to write in English!) and I can't wait to try this product

    Freshly 26 Agosto 2021 Hi Aline, We love that you want to try our Hair Growth & Density Treatment! This hair serum is the effective solution to improve the health of your hair, promote hair growth and stop hair loss. All this, thanks to the proven clinical action of the Smart Growth Activator, developed by Freshly. Reduces hair loss in 45 days of continuous application and achieves maximum results between 90 and 120 days.

  • Ilse Van den Broeck

    26 Agosto 2021

    I hope it helps!

    I´m so curious about this and I really need to try it! Can you apply it on a dry skin on the scalp?

    Freshly 26 Agosto 2021 Hi Ilse, thanks for asking! :D The Hair Growth & Density Treatment should be applied every night, fill a pipette (1 ml) and apply directly to the scalp. You can do it in sections. Massage your head to distribute the serum evenly, stimulate microcirculation and encourage total absorption. No need to rinse. We hope you enjoy it!

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