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Aug 07, 2019Freshly Cosmetics

We’ve heard a million times that our serums and creams protect our skin from free radicals, but do we actually know what those are and what effect they have on our skin? Keep reading to find out how to fight free radicals with your skincare products! 

What are free radicals and what effect do they have on our skin?

Environmental pollution, sun radiation, tobacco, pesticides, oxygen in the atmosphere are the main causes of free radicals, which attack our cells causing cellular ageing. Oxidative stress is caused by the unbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of our biological system to neutralise and repair the damage caused by them. The result? Premature ageing.

How can free radicals damage our skin?

Well, imagine that you are living in a very polluted city or you are a smoker or live with someone who smokes and you never wear sunscreen,  being exposed to that many free radicals that cause oxidative stress. But what’s oxidative stress? It’s the disturbance in the balance between the production of free radicals and your antioxidant defenses. 

When our antioxidant producing capacity becomes overwhelmed by the number of free radicals, our skin appears:

  • Dull and prone to breakouts
  • Dry and patchy 
  • It accelerates the process of skin ageing 
  • Uneven skin tone 

So antioxidants fight free radicals?

Yes! Essentially, antioxidants fight free radicals. They bind with free radicals to transform them into stable atoms, to prevent our skin from being damaged. And you’re probably thinking, but doesn’t our body already produce antioxidants naturally? Indeed we do! ( kind of amazing) but as we age, antioxidant production decreases, thus allowing free radicals to penetrate our skin easily, messing up our collagen or elastin production. 

So the best alternative to protect our skin from being dull, dry instead of fresh, plumped and hydrated, we need to apply antioxidants topically, to boost our body’s antioxidant-generating capacity, and neutralize free radicals ( especially if you live in a city).

What ingredients help combat free radicals ?

Well,  skincare is one of the best ways to protect our skin from free radicals, but you may be wondering what kind of actives, ingredients or products you should go for ( we know sometimes can be overwhelming). Grab a pen ( or your phone) and take notes. When choosing products to combat free radicals you want to look for:


One of the most convenient ways to get your daily dose of vitamin C is to use a serum. It will help you neutralize free radicals and promote the synthesis of collagen. Learn more about the benefits of vitamin C on the skin


These products are great to help skin to improve the signs of ageing as they boost skin’s natural defenses. A great way to introduce vitamin E in your routine is with a face serum or face oil, like our Red Velvet Oil Serum, a shot of omega 3, vitamin B,C,E. 


Reduces skin inflammation and combats oxidative stress caused by sunlight. It has antioxidant properties capable of capturing free radicals and also has  anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing properties. A great way to add it to your routine is with our Fresh Green Micellar water. 


Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature. It has antioxidant power 1,000 times stronger than that of Coenzyme Q10 and 65 times stronger than Vitamin C. This carotenoid is used for repairing skin damage and to prevent premature ageing. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, promotes hydration and protects against solar radiation. Our hydrating cream Bloom Orchid has the perfect combination of this active among others that protect skin while keeping it soft, radiant and plumped. 

How to combat the effects of free radicals on the skin

To make sure your skin is in prime condition, create a routine that allows your complexion to be radiant, bright and overall healthy. Our little recommendation, the Antiox facial plan, a great combo of products that contain all of the super- food ingredients to combat free radicals.The pack is powered by natural ingredients and hard-hitting vitamins to start Mondays (or any kind of day) right.  

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