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Freshly Fan's Bag

Beauty sustainable bag 8.8 litres

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18,00 €

Face Beauty Brush

Face Beauty Brush

Sustainable powder brush

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Get the sustainable accessories by Freshly Cosmetics and join the Freshly Revolution.

Get the Freshly Cosmetics sustainable accessories made of recyclable and reusable materials, like glass, bamboo and organic cotton.

Why should you choose a sustainable lifestyle?

Do you already use natural products and do your best to take care of the planet in everything you do? These are the accessories that you and your Freshly products need. Sustainable accessories that perfectly fit with your sustainable lifestyle.

The Freshly Fan's Bag is the perfect colorfull sustainable canvas beauty case for your Freshlys.

Switch to reusable makeup remover pads to cleanse your face without throwing away your single-use pads every time. Freshly's organic cotton pads come in a mini canvas bag that allows you to wash them in the washing machine.

To take care of your teeth and the environment, try Freshly's biodegradable bamboo toothbrush with an ergonomic design.

Looking for a multi-purpose bag you can carry around with you to get rid of plastic bags? The Planet First organic cotton canvas bag is the ideal accessory, even if you need to take your reusable glass bottle with you. You can easily wash the bottle in the dishwasher. Two essential accessories to say goodbye to plastic and follow a sustainable lifestyle that respects the planet.