Vibrant Balance Restoring Mask

Mask for oily hair

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How to hydrate and nourish without being left with a feeling of dirty hair? This is not  just a mask for oily hair. This is repair. This is balance. This is hydration. Add a breather to your daily routine! These 7 powerful active ingredients will pamper your hair from mid-length to ends without a greasy appearance. The results? Less washing for cleaner, stronger, healthier and more luxuriant hair. A must-have in your Vibrant Balance routine!

  • Nourishes and hydrates with no greasiness
  • Repairs hair fibres 
  • Reduces frizz 
  • Provides shine and softness
  • Does not weigh down your hair or leave residues
  • 99% Natural formula
  • Free from silicones, sulphates, parabens, PEGs, alcohol, mineral oils, preservatives, toxic dyes and other petroleum derivatives

Natural perfume. Orange, lemon, grapefruit, peach, exotic fruits, blueberries... An irresistible fruit cocktail.

✨There are many ways to wash and treat your hair. Freshly Hair Science is not only a hair care line, it's a different way to take care of the planet, your body, your skin, the environment, your life and your hair!

200ml | Sustainable aluminium packaging | Dermatologically tested | Suitable during pregnancy | Designed for oily hair

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  1. Allows repair and protection of each hair fiber with no greasiness thanks to its formula containing Chestnut Phytocomplex and Bond Repairing Plant Keratin, the plant-derived alternative ingredients to Keratin.
  2. Smoothes, strengthens and reduces frizz and increases the health of your hair thanks to the microalgae oil and the Essential Minerals Ferment, a mineral complex of glycopeptides that act in-depth on the capillary structure.
  3. Provides the hydration needed for elasticity of oily hair thanks to shea butter, rich in vitamins A, D, E and F and minerals.


Knots! Are you combing your hair and suddenly realise you have dishevelled hair? Under the shower, the surface tension of water acts as a kind of glue, sticking the hair together, especially the finest and most damaged parts, entangling it and making it difficult to comb. Sometimes you can also feel how it becomes frizzy, especially if you have dry or damaged hair from mid-length to ends, because your hair absorbs moisture from the environment and in order to offset this lack of hydration. Don’t forget about your cuticles’ health either! Changes in upper layers will make your hair lose its natural shine. Regular use of dyes and hair straighteners might lead the protective layers to open up and leave a rough surface. As a consequence, your oily hair might look damaged. This mask will help you fight these effects!


  • MICROALGAE OIL Reduce the frizz

Here is an energy boost for your scalp! Extracted from chestnut sap, this microalgae oil repairs, protects and strengthens the hair fibre. In addition, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin thanks to its rich composition of more than 90% Omega-9. The outcomes are greater shine, more softness, better hydration, less frizz and your hair is easier to detangle.

  • CHESTNUT PHYTOCOMPLEX Repairs and protects hair fibres

Coats each and every hair strand to close the cuticle and prevent moisture loss, even when hair is severely damaged by chemical straighteners. As a result, it keeps your hair healthy, hydrated, and protected against external agents!

  • POLYSACCHARIDE SEALER Seals and repairs hair fibre

It's like a nourishing capsule for your hair: this active ingredient coats the hair fibre to smooth cuticles, reducing superficial irregularities of damaged hair. What does it bring to you? Softness and hair shine! Its neuro-soothing properties also soothe irritation and itchiness of dry and sensitive scalps.

  • BOND-REPAIRING PLANT KERATIN Rebuilds damaged hair bonds

Aiming to rebuild the bonds of damaged keratin, this active ingredient provides sulphur and other nutrients needed to repair your hair. In addition, it releases large amounts of this sulphur (+325%!), improving cuticles and repairing the hair fibre. Clinical tests show that this product reduces hair breakage by 47.6% and increases the hair volume by 17%!

  • ESSENTIAL FERMENTED MINERALS Smoothes and softens the hair fibre

A 5 essential super mineral (zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, silicon) glycopeptide complex fermented with yeast. The outcome? Smooths the cuticles of physically and chemically damaged hair. Minerals penetrate deep into the hair, without weighing hair down, increasing hydration to reduce dryness, which can cause flaking, and improve scalp health.

  • QUINOA AMINO ACIDS Protect and strengthen hair

Made of 17 amino acids which are fully beneficial to your hair, they provide better colour retention, higher hydration and greater strength. They also contribute to increasing your hair’s natural protective barrier and will help improve the general health of your hair and protect it from environmental stress. Give a boost to your hair shine!

  • SHEA BUTTER Provides intense hydration

Contains a wide variety of fatty acids, including palmitic, oleic and linolenic acids, giving the hair greater luminosity and elasticity. In addition, it instantly provides intense hydration and helps hair retain it in the long term!

How does it work?
  1. On damp and clean hair, apply the necessary amount for your hair.
  2. Gently massage and leave in for 3 to 5 minutes, concentrating on areas such as the ends to repair the damaged cuticle.
  3. Rinse your hair with warm water. Finish up by rinsing with cold water to make your hair shinier.
  4. This routine can be repeated 2-3 times a week.
  5. TIP! Complete your routine with the rest of the Vibrant Balance products to enjoy clean, shiny and soft hair.

Ingredients Vibrant Balance Restoring Mask

* Ingredients from organic farming

** Derived from natural essential oils


The entire Vibrant Balance line is specially formulated for oily hair, with sebum-regulating, moisturising and soothing active ingredients that strengthen the hair from the roots.

Both are natural masks without silicones, we recommend choosing based on your hair's needs:

● Vibrant Balance is formulated for oily hair. It provides hydration, shine and softness and contains active ingredients to restructure damaged hair fibres. It doesn't weigh the hair down or make it feel greasy.

● The Intense Bond-Restoring is formulated for dry and damaged hair. It provides intense nutrition, shine and softness and contains active ingredients to restructure damaged hair fibres.

You can replace the conditioner with the mask at least once a week. In seasons such as summer or whenever your hair needs it most, its use can be increased to 2 or 3 times a week.

To enhance the results of the Vibrant Balance Restoring Mask and achieve cleaner, stronger and healthier hair, we advise you to follow a complete routine with natural products, with the rest of the Vibrant Balance products, the shampoo and the conditioner. You have them together in the Vibrant Energy Hair Balancing Plan!

Customer Reviews

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Recomendable 100x100


Tinha o cabelo muito seco nas pontas, a máscara é muito boa a hidratar o cabelo. Recomendo!


Je recommande !


Rare de trouver un masque pour cheveux gras, il est très agréable. Je recommande !


Estoy deseando utilizarlo! El olor es espectacular!


Estoy deseando utilizarlo! El olor es espectacular!


Me encanta!


Me encanta!


He usado bastante tiempo la mascarilla anterior y estaba muy contenta con ella. Muy nutritiva sin apelmazar. En cuanto acabe el bote actual deseando probar esta versión. Espero que cunda tanto como la anterior y que el cambio haya sido para mejor 🤞🏽


Olor agradable. Me deja el pelo suave sin sensación grasa y necesito poco producto para notar los efectos, pero el encrespamiento sigue presente. El packaging no me convence porque le han salido manchas oscuras tanto por fuera como por dentro, que espero que no "dañen" al producto, y no se ha mojado porque he puesto cuidado en ese detalle.