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Skinmalism, vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, retinol? Find out the latest skincare trends, and learn all about natural vegan beauty, good for our skin and the planet. Information is power!


At Freshly we believe that learning is power! That's why we write and formulate cosmetics for every skin, every body. Feel the power of nature and be a planet-lover!

Natural vegan beauty is in! Be part of the change!

Your allies for acne-prone skin

Acne most commonly occurs during puberty, when the sebaceous glands activate, but it can occur at any age. Genetics, hormones, anxiety and stress, hot and humid climates or oily makeup may cause or worsen the appearance of acne. But don’t worry: with the right skincare routine and consistency you can say goodbye to acne and spots, at last!

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Vitamin C is a superfood for our skin. Learn all about this powerful active and why you should be using it. The best tips for having a radiant & luminous complexion. 

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Top 5 ingredients to prevent and improve signs of ageing

Did you know that in order to have healthier, younger looking skin, the first thing you need to do is care for your cells and maintain their proper functioning?  Wait, we know, it may sound crazy and kind of weird, “ care for our own cells?” how do I do that? Easy: eat your fruit and veg, get moving, get enough sleep ( we see you scrolling through the gram late at night...

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Hair loss troubles and how to improve hair growth

Fuller, thicker and healthy hair sounds like a dream, but sometimes factors such as stress, genetics or conditions get in the way. Learn what is causing hair loss and why it’s important to choose a natural hair treatment to prevent it.

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Oily hair? Find out how to keep it cleaner longer

Your hair gets dirty easily and you need to wash it daily to look good? It all lies in the functioning of your sebaceous glands. We can help!

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Double-duty formula! Your staple conditioning mascara to nourish and enhance eyelashes.

Stop losing time and eyelashes, how about treating them while having a WOW effect? This conditioning mascara powered with castor oil and natural ingredients is ready to protect, strengthen eyelashes while making them look pretty spectacular. 

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Do you have dark spots on your skin? Discover their causes and how to reduce them

Sun exposure, together with artificial lighting, age, acne and other hormonal factors cause dark spots to appear on skin. If you fancy learning how to reduce them and help your face look rejuvenated, don’t miss this post!

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Revitalise your whole body with a body serum

If at the end of the day your legs feel swollen, tired and heavy, we have the solution to your problem! Revitalise and tone your skin with a body serum!

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The truth about acne and three effective solutions to clear it up

In this new post, we’ll delve deeper into the root causes of something that many of us worry about: acne. We’ll use an educational and scientific approach to explain why blemishes, blackheads and inflammations appear, and what solutions there are to reduce their appearance.

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Are retinoids good for anti-aging?

You've probably heard of the well-known Retinoids, but are you aware of its benefits and contraindications? Here’s all the info about the active and why there are better alternatives. Read on!

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