What should I know?

In order to keep our body healthy, we have to take care of it both from the inside and the outside, with the best of nature. That's why our body products contain more than 99% natural ingredients, which also respect the environment, as well as our skin.


In this section you will find everything you need to take care of your body: creams, oils and serums and all the tips to use and combine them, so that you can pamper your skin in the healthiest way, with natural, innovative and high-quality formulations.

Take care of your body with natural ingredients to keep your skin elastic and radiant

Vegan self tanning cream? We've got it!

A tanning cream that boosts your natural tan with or without the sun. Yup, that's right, the perfect product to apply after sunbathing to maintain the tone and enhance your tan in the most natural way,

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Do you feel your skin dry and dull in the cold months? Discover this body oil!

If you thought that only the sun could damage your skin, you are wrong... low temperatures also cause the skin to lose elasticity and crack. Start preparing your routine for fighting dry skin this winter with a body oil that makes your skin look hydrated, healthy and radiant!

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How can I reduce my stretch marks?

Learn how to improve your cellulite and stretch marks with vegetable oils such as rosehip oil and how to apply it to get a perfect result. Grab a pencil!

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How to increase your Vitamin D levels? 3 ways to boost your immune system and skin health

Suspect you may have a vitamin D deficiency? Your skin can give you some clues such as dullness and dryness, or the appearance of rosacea, acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, etc. Top up your vitamin D levels with a natural booster!

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Revitalise your whole body with a body serum

If at the end of the day your legs feel swollen, tired and heavy, we have the solution to your problem! Revitalise and tone your skin with a body serum!

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Get rid of pimples on your back by following this 4 step routine

Pimples on the body can develop at any age, but particularly when there are hormonal changes. If you’ve got pimples on your back, nape or other parts of the body, this routine could help you fight them. Learn more about it!

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The truth about acne and three effective solutions to clear it up

In this new post, we’ll delve deeper into the root causes of something that many of us worry about: acne. We’ll use an educational and scientific approach to explain why blemishes, blackheads and inflammations appear, and what solutions there are to reduce their appearance.

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F Solidpod Shampoo & Shower Gel: All your doubts, solved!

Here’s the thing, when we talk about solid beauty bars, so many questions arise! We are ready to answer them all. Our shampoo and gel bars are 99% natural, vegan, free from silicones & parabens.

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The multi-purpose vegan balm that will save your day

Forget about the usual discomforts such as bites, burns, inflammations, irritations, rashes, extreme dryness... with this 100% natural, vegan multi-purpose balm. It’s the Vegan Hero All-Purpose Balm, 9 uses in a single formula. You will always take it with you!

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Get glowy, golden skin with the Glow Edition Body Oil

Flaunt healthy, golden and glowy skin this summer! Discover the 100% natural, glow edition of our Golden Radiance Body Oil.

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How to tan safely and effectively!

Healthy sunbathing, always protecting skin, helps our body to stock up on vitamin D, improving our mood and the immune system, and... makes us get tanned! But after summer, how can you take care of your skin while maintaining your tan for a long time? Read our tips!

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How to wash your hands in 11 steps: what the WHO recommends

Washing our hands is a daily action that is indeed vital to avoid infections and the spread of viruses, such as the latest new Coronavirus. Hence, it is important to do it regularly and correctly. Find the 11 steps for a correct and effective hand washing, recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization).

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Discover the best natural ingredients your body will thank you for

Do you know the best ingredients to take care of your body and hair? Will tell you what should not be missing in your favourite essentials!

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You are missing out: Why you should be applying hyaluronic acid to your body

Hyaluronic Acid for the body is the newest solution for having a moisturised and radiant complexion from head to toe. Find out all the benefits.

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