What should I know?

What you use on your hair matters! But with all the information out there, it can be hard to know what's fact and what's fiction. So, we bring you the facts – and bust a few myths – on product ingredients so you can make the right choices that are safe for your hair.


What you choose for your hair is about much more than just how it looks. Knowing what's really in your hair products is so important. Information is power, and informed decisions can help keep your hair healthier. 

A breath of fresh hair! Tips, tricks, and all the info you need to improve your hair's health. 

F Solidpod Shampoo & Shower Gel: All your doubts, solved!

Here’s the thing, when we talk about solid beauty bars, so many questions arise! We are ready to answer them all. Our shampoo and gel bars are 99% natural, vegan, free from silicones & parabens.

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Hair loss troubles and how to improve hair growth

Fuller, thicker and healthy hair sounds like a dream, but sometimes factors such as stress, genetics or conditions get in the way. Learn what is causing hair loss and why it’s important to choose a natural hair treatment to prevent it.

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Dry and frizzy curls? Learn how to care for your curly hair with this routine

At last it's here! The curly routine that sorts out frizz, dull, dry and weighed down hair from the inside out, in a healthy way, and without weakening the hair any further. The Wonder Curls Routine is Freshly’s curly routine – and we’ll let you into a secret: everyone that’s tried it loves it! Learn more!

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I have oily hair. What can I do?

What to do to take care of oily hair? Sebum is necessary to protect hair from external aggressions but at the same time, excess sebum can become a problem. Take note of these tips if your hair tends to be oily. We will explain which products work well to regulate sebum secretion and how you should use them.

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Tips and tricks to avoid Frizzy hair

You have dry and dull hair and you feel that no product helps? Find out the secret to take care of it!

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Autumn is here! Prepare your body!

We all get affected by the changes of seasons, and so does our body. This is why it’s time to give it the care it deserves, now that summer is over. Do you know what your skin needs this autumn? Take note.

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Who hasn't had a day with unmanageable hair? Frizzy hair is mainly caused by a lack of hydration. We give you a few tips to fight frizz and boost shine to your hair. You will show off a soft, hydrated hair!

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How To Care For Your Colour-Treated Hair

Dyeing the hair either to hide the gray or to change the look is not something new, but now this practice has become a trend! Metallic dyes, fantasy colours, bronde balayage...

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