Natural Cosmetics

Descubre qué son las saponinas vegetales y su poder limpiador
Sep 26, 2023
A deep face cleansing without the need for soap is possible. Forget about sulphates and other toxins that can irritate your skin and discover the power of natural saponins.
¿Por qué sudo tanto? Descubre las posibles causas y cómo sudar sin olor
Sep 13, 2023
Make no mistake, sweat doesn't actually smell. Discover why we sweat and what causes the smell, and learn how to control it. We''ll tell you everything you need to know.
¿Caspa y picores? Descubre el origen y cómo reducirlos
Aug 22, 2023
Dandruff, itching, irritation...? Discover scalp exfoliation and restore your hair. Discover everything you need to know about dandruff, how it forms, the different types, and how to reduce it here! Log in and explore.
¿Por qué exfoliar mi piel? Para verla uniforme y luminosa. Descubre todo los detalles...
Jul 24, 2023
Do you use self-tanning products, but you never like the result on your skin? Do pimples appear on some areas of your body and you don't understand why? Or, on the contrary, your skin looks flaky and dull...? Everything has the same origin and has to do with the cellular renewal of your skin. The solution: you need exfoliation! Here are the details.
Tu rutina de verano en solo 3 pasos ¡Te lo pide el cuerpo!
Jul 24, 2023
Your skin and hair have different needs with the arrival of good weather, listen to them! And discover how to make them look healthy and enviable this summer, in just 3 steps. Here's what your body is asking for...
Cómo cuidar, proteger y desenredar mi pelo en verano en solo 1 paso
Jun 06, 2023
Do you notice your hair more damaged and tangled in summer? Discover the causes and how you can easily fix it. Here's the trick to keep your hair looking strong, soft and shiny, even in summer. Enter.